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What’s in your shake?

If you have followed along with my blog, you know I started off with a 90 day program with Heather Morgan and her Muffin Top Makeover.  I did two shakes a day with a sensible paleo meal once a day.  I stuck to those 90 days without wavering.  OK, there were wavers, and occasional encounters with a bite of bread or cheese, but I stuck out 90 days and saw great success.  The PaleoMeal used in the shakes I was making pretty much spoiled me.  It has been the best protein powder/meal replacement I had ever tried in all my years of searching for the right weight loss program.  I would occasionally purchase more of the powder, but eventually I was maintaining my weight loss with a paleo or anti-inflammatory diet.  Until…

I would say a little more than a year ago I started feeling safe eating bread and ice cream and burritos (lots of burritos).  I would be running late for work and decide it would be much easier to grab a latte in the drive thru with a muffin top or sweet delicious oatmeal.  Not in the mood for high priced coffee one day, I would stop at Broadway Market for a black coffee and a breakfast burrito or sandwich. (If you are ever in Sonoma, seriously check out Broadway Market’s sandwiches and breakfast burritos!!!).  Those occasional stops for a quick meal turned into an almost daily adventure.  I wasn’t seeing myself gain much weight, maybe a pound or two here and there. But nothing that I didn’t think I couldn’t control.

Then the couple pounds turned into five or six pounds.  I decided to try something I had seen people posting about on Facebook and Instagram.  Shakeology is a product through BeachBody and I had done some of their workouts in the past (LOVE SHAUN T) but had always avoided the Shakeology.  Then I saw someone who I admired for her commitment to health talking it up and I decided to check it out.  Lauren D, Zumba instructor extraordinaire got me all signed up with 21 Day Fix and Shakeology.  The shakes were freaking delicious.  The workouts were awesome!  I lost a couple pounds.  Things were good.  However, I didn’t participate in the group forum, and I never talked to anyone to reach out for help.  So, I started slipping back to old habits again.

JuicePlus was my next protein powder/meal replacement, and that tasted like chalk.  I know some people who really like it, but meh.  Chalk. Both Chocolate and Vanilla.  Bleh.  Not that the people who are totally into JuicePlus are wrong, it’s just not for me.

I joined a gym!  Went to the gym and I noticed I was gaining weight, not losing it.  Seems all my poor choices were starting to catch up with me, and I couldn’t outrun the weight gain.  A few weeks later I get another friendly message in my Facebook Messenger about another protein powder/meal replacement system.  It came from someone I know and love, who I had seen drinking some interesting shakes recently.  Hmmmm…

I did my homework.

I thought about it.

I was told I should blog about it.

Seems when I was blogging regularly I was more honest with myself about my choices.  I figured I would give it a shot.  So, I jumped in.  Isagenix is pretty damn tasty.  I feel like it is the next best protein powder to PaleoMeal.  However Isagenix is more than just a meal replacement/protein powder.  The 30 day program is pretty intense.  There are supplements, and drinks, and bars, and Snacks!  Today is day 8 of my program.  I had one rough day, but I am not feeling deprived at all.  In fact, I feel like I have some good energy. So, yay!

Isagenix – So many things.  So very many…

Isagenix is similar to JuicePlus and Shakeology in their business set up.   I do not intend to sell you the product.  That’s not what I am here for.  I am just sharing my experience with you, open and honest. If you are interested in the program, I have a hook-up for you.  She’ll set you up.  I just want to drink the drinks and eat the things and lose the weight.

So today, Isagenix IsaLean Creamy French Vanilla is in my shake.  What’s in yours?