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What’s in your shake?

If you have followed along with my blog, you know I started off with a 90 day program with Heather Morgan and her Muffin Top Makeover.  I did two shakes a day with a sensible paleo meal once a day.  I stuck to those 90 days without wavering.  OK, there were wavers, and occasional encounters with a bite of bread or cheese, but I stuck out 90 days and saw great success.  The PaleoMeal used in the shakes I was making pretty much spoiled me.  It has been the best protein powder/meal replacement I had ever tried in all my years of searching for the right weight loss program.  I would occasionally purchase more of the powder, but eventually I was maintaining my weight loss with a paleo or anti-inflammatory diet.  Until…

I would say a little more than a year ago I started feeling safe eating bread and ice cream and burritos (lots of burritos).  I would be running late for work and decide it would be much easier to grab a latte in the drive thru with a muffin top or sweet delicious oatmeal.  Not in the mood for high priced coffee one day, I would stop at Broadway Market for a black coffee and a breakfast burrito or sandwich. (If you are ever in Sonoma, seriously check out Broadway Market’s sandwiches and breakfast burritos!!!).  Those occasional stops for a quick meal turned into an almost daily adventure.  I wasn’t seeing myself gain much weight, maybe a pound or two here and there. But nothing that I didn’t think I couldn’t control.

Then the couple pounds turned into five or six pounds.  I decided to try something I had seen people posting about on Facebook and Instagram.  Shakeology is a product through BeachBody and I had done some of their workouts in the past (LOVE SHAUN T) but had always avoided the Shakeology.  Then I saw someone who I admired for her commitment to health talking it up and I decided to check it out.  Lauren D, Zumba instructor extraordinaire got me all signed up with 21 Day Fix and Shakeology.  The shakes were freaking delicious.  The workouts were awesome!  I lost a couple pounds.  Things were good.  However, I didn’t participate in the group forum, and I never talked to anyone to reach out for help.  So, I started slipping back to old habits again.

JuicePlus was my next protein powder/meal replacement, and that tasted like chalk.  I know some people who really like it, but meh.  Chalk. Both Chocolate and Vanilla.  Bleh.  Not that the people who are totally into JuicePlus are wrong, it’s just not for me.

I joined a gym!  Went to the gym and I noticed I was gaining weight, not losing it.  Seems all my poor choices were starting to catch up with me, and I couldn’t outrun the weight gain.  A few weeks later I get another friendly message in my Facebook Messenger about another protein powder/meal replacement system.  It came from someone I know and love, who I had seen drinking some interesting shakes recently.  Hmmmm…

I did my homework.

I thought about it.

I was told I should blog about it.

Seems when I was blogging regularly I was more honest with myself about my choices.  I figured I would give it a shot.  So, I jumped in.  Isagenix is pretty damn tasty.  I feel like it is the next best protein powder to PaleoMeal.  However Isagenix is more than just a meal replacement/protein powder.  The 30 day program is pretty intense.  There are supplements, and drinks, and bars, and Snacks!  Today is day 8 of my program.  I had one rough day, but I am not feeling deprived at all.  In fact, I feel like I have some good energy. So, yay!

Isagenix – So many things.  So very many…

Isagenix is similar to JuicePlus and Shakeology in their business set up.   I do not intend to sell you the product.  That’s not what I am here for.  I am just sharing my experience with you, open and honest. If you are interested in the program, I have a hook-up for you.  She’ll set you up.  I just want to drink the drinks and eat the things and lose the weight.

So today, Isagenix IsaLean Creamy French Vanilla is in my shake.  What’s in yours?




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Damn You Fun Size Candy!!!!

Fun Size candy and PMS are not a good mix

Halloween candy is an evil that we all encounter.  This year it appeared at the worst possible time, during the peak of my PMS!  Meh, I am not going to beat myself up because of a small gain during a time of year when I would normally pack on twice as much.

I survived, and guess what helped.  My daily food log.  I can’t tell you how helpful it is when I am logging what I eat and drink each day.  I think about what I am eating before I put it in my mouth, to remind myself to write it down.  And sometimes I realize I am not hungry, so I don’t eat it.  Crazy!  How did logging your foods help?

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Checking My Emotional Baggage

Today sucked.  I was happy for part of the day, and then the rest of the day was a total waste of time.  I resorted to my norm, feeding my flippin’ emotions.  I can’t say I went all out and tossed my entire good week out the door but the fact is, I caved to the little voice in my head.

I decided today I wouldn’t let this shit own me and take me out, so I am owning my slip up here, addressing the emotions that were attached to the binge.

First off, I didn’t eat too poorly.  I have done far worse in the past, but this ain’t no competition and I don’t want to fall as far as I once did.  I had a normal breakfast and then, while at lunch, I ate a little more than I should have at the Mongolian BBQ.  Mongolian BBQ is safe in regards to the veggies and meats.  I didn’t choose the noodles, which would be off my Anti-Inflammatory Diet plan.  The sugar and sodium in the sauce are the big killers.  After work, I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few items.  I did  very well, getting berries and such for shakes and salad fixins.  Then I circled the cakes and muffins and walked away.  Then I circled in closer.  And then I picked something up, ran to the checker, got to my car and tore through the top of one of these:

My daughter was angry when this was all that was left of the muffin.

There were two in the package, what you see above is all that remains.  Although, the second muffin did find it’s way to my house, it just didn’t survive the hour I was alone in my house with it.  Riley (my oldest daughter) said “MOM!  You ate the top!  The top is bad for you!”  I explained the whole muffin is bad for me, and if I was going down, I was taking the good shit with me.  (The top had a delightful glaze that was perfect and delicious…no lies)

It is now 9:31pm and I have yet to have a healthy meal.  I am not hungry because I am distracted by my guilt and I don’t really know if I should shovel a salad and some protein in my pie hole after eating more than half my days calories in muffin tops.  It’s a conundrum.

In the end I need to address why I went to the dark place of binge eating today.  I was stressed out from work, but nothing more than my usual job stressors. Maybe I was a little more frustrated than my norm? Though while me and the other two managers headed to the Mongolian BBQ we were acknowledging the possibility that “THAT time of the month” may be among the three of us in the very near future.  So, maybe that had something to do with it.  I definitely need to learn who to take control of my eating during those days of the month, because they are UGLY food days. But I am not totally sold on either of these being a big part of the blame.

Success.  I think my success is to blame here.  I just posted yesterday all of my successes.  Every time I have celebrated any sort of win I have stumbled.  Why is that?  I have been to so many counselors/therapists in my life that I know one of the first things they would ask me would be “Do you feel you deserve your success?”.  HELL YES!  Well then why am I sabotaging myself?  I still don’t know that answer.  Maybe because I am so comfortable being unhappy that I don’t know what to do with myself being content and happy.

Here I am, no real answer, but at  least I know the question.  And now, I can check my freakin’ baggage and travel on.  But I think I might want to leave this baggage at the airport.  I hear they have some nice boutiques where I am going.


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My last blog brought up some pretty crazy feelings.  Emotions I didn’t want to deal with and would prefer to just shove them aside and bury them.  Usually those types of emotions are buried deep with food, and most often they are buried with fast food.  The cycle has been nearly impossible to break, until today.

After I posted the blog I went to the grocery store and bought some foods that our family needed and a salad for me to eat when I got home.  The entire time I was in the store I was running different scenarios through my head regarding my reunion.  What would I say to this person if they asked about…?  Oh, if this person says this, I am totally going to say…. I reached the bread aisle and immediately began to reason with myself about why I needed to grab a baguette and some spinach dip to eat on the way home.  I could feel the texture of the foods in my head as I made good arguments about how I had been so good for so long.  And then I stopped myself.  I stood there for a moment and replayed the conversation I had just had with myself.

You have lost two pounds this week, and you didn’t really have a good lunch, so the baguette and spinach dip will be fine. 

But my psoriasis has been pretty bad since I stopped have my regular shakes and started eating more sugars and breads.

One time in a week is not going to kill you.

The last line is what got me.  These foods are killing me.  The more breads and sugars I eat the more my psoriasis flares up and the depression starts to settle back in.  I lose interest in exercise and being active in general.  I start to beat myself up, and thus beginning a horrible cycle of food addiction.  I wasn’t going to allow myself to fall back into these patterns again.  I quickly finished my shopping and walked to my car.

Some drugs are just too easy to get.

Walking to the car I realized I was a little bit thirsty, but I hadn’t purchased myself any beverages at the store, but there was a McDonald’s in this same parking lot.  Again, I started to reason with myself.

Just go through the drive thru and get just an iced tea, you can do that. Oh, well, while you’re there just grab a wrap too.  That’s not too many calories.

No, I don’t need a wrap, but the iced tea might be nice. Just the iced tea.

They have chicken sandwiches for $1! You just get that and maybe a fry and your iced tea.  Dinner is done, and you save your salad for tomorrow.

It is such a deal, $3 and I get all that food…wait, that food is what got me here…NO!  I WILL NOT GO THROUGH THE DRIVE THRU!

I backed out of my space and drove straight out of the parking lot.  I looked as I drove past and saw a lady sitting in the parking lot eating in her car.  I saw her quickly putting the burger and fries in her mouth as she looked around at the other cars.  I recognized her shame as a shame I have felt myself many, many times as I sat in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, eating my food so no one knew.  It’s a shame I didn’t put myself through tonight, and I promise myself I won’t do it again.  I have too much to live for, I don’t need to hide in shame.

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Debauchery for the 4th of July (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th…)

Debauchery – extreme indulgence in sensuality (as it relates to  relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite)

I LOVE the 4th of July.  I am a patriotic American to the very depths of my soul.  Living in Sonoma we get to enjoy small town Americana through the hometown parade, festivities on our town square, bbq’s/picnics, and then close the evening with the fireworks display.

The day was filled with friends (old and new) and family, as well as good intentions on my part. Our day began with meeting my cousins wife and her two doll faced twins out at the parade.  I steered clear of juices, rice crispy treats, and other tasty morsels.  I just enjoyed being out with the family and watching the town parade.  As the day went on, and I saw the different treats available my stomach started to barter with my brain.  The food booths were tempting me with bbq, hot dogs, sno cones, and the list goes on.  I was strong, I didn’t give into those temptations.  My aunt was nice and invited us all to lunch.

Lunch was a beautiful salad, full of yummy greens, veggies, and tomatoes (uh oh), feta (oi), candied walnuts (sh*@), and a champagne vinaigrette which I didn’t ask for on the side (mu#$a&*c@er).  And so began my descent.

It’s like I gave up in one fleeting moment.  No, I didn’t give up, I just really relaxed.  I felt like I had this shit handled and it was a holiday.  Yay for 20%, even though I hadn’t said I was going to be doing 80/20 yet, I just decided on the spot.  Lunch was late, and we were planning to hit the field at a local school to watch the fireworks with friends, so we planned a little picnic.   Picnic was sliced roast beef, salami(hmmm), fruits, hummus, rice crackers, bread (wtf?), corn on the cob (who do I think I am?), and cheese for my man (I didn’t touch the stuff…smells like feet).  Had I stayed clear of the corn and the bread, things would have been fine, but NO! I had to go for it and just enjoy.  And so I did, without guilt.  I had planned to fall back into place the very next day.

The day after a mid-week holiday is never easy to face.  I just had a fabulous time staying up late, watching fireworks, hanging out with friends lighting sparklers (and burning my damn thumb) and I rolled out of bed late.  No time for a shake this morning, so I grabbed some fruit and nuts.  WORST IDEA EVER!  Not only did I not eat my morning shake, I didn’t pack a lunch.  Typically when I don’t pack a lunch, I hit up Whole Foods or the salad place and make super good choices. Not July 5th.  I don’t even remember what I ate that day because my food journal says “NOTHING GOOD FOR ME” in big squiggly handwriting.  Ugh.

A few of those days involved frozen yogurt (I didn’t get crazy with it), a burrito, some chips, and almost an entire bag of salt water taffy.  Some of those days I could consider a binge.  I did hide in my car and eat an It’s-It one night.  But really, most the eating was done as a normal day to day eating habit.  Just fell back into some of the wrong ones.

That leads me to where I am today.  I am on Day 2 of the Clear Change Metabolic Detoxification as prescribed by my doctor.  Tuesday I walked into his office feeling lethargic, nauseous, achy, with a growing patch of psoriasis on my elbow.

Thank you sugar and gluten! I love you, too.

It is clear, that even with over 100 days of clean eating, my body is still toxic since it is so quick to react to a bad few days.  Pretty much the day after I ate poorly I started getting a small patch of red on my elbow, and it kept growing and then I got sick. So, Dr. Marcus is getting my body straightened out.  It will reignite my metabolism, and clear my system.

Please don’t worry, this is not your typical cleanse/detox.  I still eat, I just eliminate most foods that can cause reactions in someones body.  I look forward to getting this shit out of my system.  I look forward to being free of feeling like crap.  I look forward to going through my day and looking to food as nourishment instead of the negative feelings I have towards food today.

Wish me luck!

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Day 58 – Feelin’ Snacky

Yay!  It’s that time of the month again and I am feeling like eating anything and everything.  My regular snack items are making me rather grumpy, so I was struggling to find something that fills me up just enough, but doesn’t leave me bored.  With access to a nutritionist you would think the first place I would go would be to Heather seeking advice, but for whatever reason my brain was working that way.  Even after a telephone conversation with Heather AND a couple emails I still didn’t think to ask her, but in her last reply to me she said ” Let me know if you want some more snack ideas. :)”  Dude, I must have been oozing with Snack Boredom and didn’t realize.

So as to not miss an opportunity, I quickly responded with a yes, and was given some fabulous new snack ideas.  What I was bored of was nuts and a fruit, or almond butter and a fruit, or hummus and a rice snap.  Here is a lists of things for me to look into:

  • Endives filled with chicken salad, turkey, egg salad tuna salad. All organic ingredients of course.
  • Turkey bacon eaten like jerky
  • Veggies & hummus
  • cashew butter with fruit,
  • coconut milk or almond milk with protein powder
  • The bars or Essential meals from Muffin Top Makeover (just add water and shake)
  • Cup of soup (I need to dig a little further but I think she is referring to the alkaline broth I made early in this process, which, is not a “sipping soup”.  It’s an acquired taste.)
  • parfait of fruit with nuts and seeds , pour coconut milk over it
  • Keep snacks small and limit to only times when you are truly hungry.

I am so going to try the endives filled with some sort of sanctioned salad, and I bought some turkey bacon so I can cook it up to be eaten like jerky.  I bought the Trader Joe’s Peppered Uncured Turkey Bacon.  Most of the stuff in the bacon isn’t so bad, but some it is a little questionable, but it beats the nitrate laden options in most grocery stores.

For now, I will eat an apple and some sunflower seeds (I think those are ok, at least I don’t eat a bunch of them) and drink my water.  I am achy and bloated and EXTREMELY grumpy today, so I will not carry on and on with my misery.  Putting on a smile and getting back to my day.  Cheers!

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Day 49 – My Name is Gina and I am an Alcoholic and Addict

I had planned on saving this post until the 17th of this month, which will be my 3rd Birthday clean and sober.  Last night I faced my addiction again, however it wasn’t alcohol, drugs, or World of Warcraft.  I binged on food last night, and I was going to hide it until I remembered that would be a huge lie to everyone following me on this journey.  I would also be lying to myself, pretending that everything is OK to those who love and support me would just help me pretend I don’t have a problem that is bigger than diet and exercise.

A few hours after I ate as much food as I could possibly stomach (which I am happy to say is far less than I used to be able to mindlessly shove in my mouth), I emailed Heather and gave her the list of food I ate.  Some of it I had planned and hidden in the back of the refridgerator.  I had told myself I would just give it to the kids or husband later if they were hungry, but I knew I was saving it for me.  Why would i have put it in the drawer at the bottom of the fridge that no one ever looks into?  I ate healthy food too, not just the taco and bean burrito from Taco Bell, but I ate it quickly, mindlessly, and in large quantities.  In addition to the taco and bean burrito I also ate a pint of strawberries, two slices of white bread spread with hummus, a banana and almond butter, a large handful of Cheez-It’s, and the leftover steak from the previous evenings meal.  I have no idea how long it took me to eat those things, but it wasn’t long.  And I didn’t think about anything when I ate the food.  I can’t really say I chewed, because I don’t think there was much chewing involved.

I ate to fill something missing in me, or to hurt myself for my success.  I don’t know exactly why I did it, but I did.  I feel like I am starting over with a new 12 Step Program.  AA/OA’s first step is:

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol/food — that our lives had become unmanageable.

That’s it.  That is where I am, and by admitting to myself and to all of you that I have a problem will help me beat this addiction.  I know I can do it and I know I am worth the effort I am putting into this life change.  I am worth it and so is my family.

Binge Eating is something that I have been dealing with for several years.  I was in group counseling with a group of men and women who were also Binge Eaters and Compulsive Over Eaters.  The group met on Monday mornings in a town about 45 min away, so I couldn’t continue with the group, but I did get a lot out of those sessions.  I am making a promise to revisit the materials and suggestions that I took from the group, and on those days I am feeling weak I will share some tips and info with you.  I will start tonight:

Success in overcoming eating problems depends on learning to effectively and appropriately handle emotions, specifically: guilt, shame, helplessness, anxiety, disappointment, confusion, and loneliness. People with eating disorders need to learn that success in overcoming eating problems is directly related to experiencing a full range of emotions.  The ups AND the downs.

From the book The Food and Feelings Workbook: A Full Course Meanlon Emotional Health by Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed

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Day 34 – Inflame me!

Food is food.  That’s what I would like to think, however we all know that there is good food and bad food.  Most bad foods we can easily identify and choose if we eat them or not.  Fast food, refined sugars, processed food,  are all foods we would all label bad.  Would you consider tomatoes bad?  What about flour or corn tortillas?  Eggplant, whole wheat bread?  There are good foods out there that need to be avoided by certain people, and I am one of those lucky folk.

My life over the past two or so years has been a strange spiral downward of my health and mental well being.  I really had no idea what was happening or why.  The hot flashes, the increased depression, the fatigue, the brain cloud, the frustration and anger at my life were all getting to be too much.  I spent many hours in the doctors office trying desperately to get an answer, and the best I got was, lose weight and get some exercise.  I tried what I could do with the energy I had in me.  There seemed to be no improvement (it doesn’t help that I am a binge eater either) and when I was diagnosed with perimenopause and the doctor recommended more medication (hormones) I sought a second opinion.  Thank god for Dawn Theilan, my personal trainer who was listening to me and my weekly complaints.  She had experienced her own medical woes a few years prior and found the answer in Naturopathic medicine.  I made an appointment, with guarded expectations, and looked for answers outside of modern pharmaceuticals.

Within the first 20 minutes (of my 90 min appointment!) I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Marcus Porrino was able to see immediately where things were going wrong for me and how I could make changes.  I was given some vitamin supplements and herbal supplements to get my adrenals back in order.  My pain, discomfort, and psoriasis was being caused by inflammation, all of which would hopefully be corrected by diet.  My previous doctors had told me to lose weight, but never had they said that it wasn’t all about eating less, but also, looking at the food I was eating.  Dr. Porrino set me on a path and laid out a plan for me.

I started with a modified Anti-Inflammatory diet, since my diet had been full of sugar and other inflammatory foods.  There was a lot to learn, and I was eager yet hesitant to learn.  From the list of suggested foods and those foods to avoid I could see the changes to my diet would be extreme.  Sugar and wheat were in all my foods.  I lived on pasta and diet sodas, lots of breads and saturated fats with a few veggies or fruits thrown in for good measure.  Common inflammatory foods are breads, cookies, cakes, corn syrup, cereals, fried foods, pasta made with white flour, and potatoes.  Can you say “Uh oh”?  I felt like I was screwed.  There was no way I would be able to eliminate these foods.  But slowly I modified my diet.  Little by little my body started feeling a little different.  My psoriasis began to fade, the fog in my head lifted and I started to get more energy.  How many years had I spent going to the doctor and taking medication only to keep feeling the same or only having small victories?

This entry could go on and on listing all the different things going on an anti-inflammatory diet could keep you from suffering or reducing your symptoms: Liver diseases, Thyroid disease, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, depression.  It won’t work for everyone but it would be worth a try.  (And money cannot be an excuse, think about the time you lose at work, with your family, with yourself, money spent on medicines.  So buy some veggies and fruits and a good lean piece of meat, and skip the Mac and Cheese).  Even taking the first step and getting rid of the processed foods could get you closer to feeling better.  Something to remember when you are shopping to eat anti-inflammatory foods; if it doesn’t look like it did originally, it’s probably inflammatory.  (pg 60 Anti-Inflammation Diet for Dummies – By Dr. Artemis Morris and Molly Rossiter)

I can’t follow the diet suggestions exactly myself since I have an allergy to fish, and sadly, fish is a big part of getting the good fats in your system, but there are other ways too.  What’s nice is that this diet, which was prescribed by my doctor, is almost exactly what Heather has us doing with Project Muffin Top.  Let’s see, feel better AND lose weight?



If you want to do some research on your own, check out the Anti-Inflammation Diet for Dummies, by Dr. Artemis Morris and Molly Rossiter, or for a quick peek, look at the cheat sheet here:

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Day 33 – Sun, Love, and Family

Today will be a brief blog.  I am in Bodega Bay to celebrate the wedding of one of my closest friends to her BFF.  We spent the day in the pool while my oldest daughter tried tanning and just ended up sunburning. I brought snacks along for the trip, however found myself wanting something besides what I brought.  I was pretty good avoiding most of the temptations that were right in my face.  I did enjoy a small bite of my daughters cookie and a couple peanut butter pretzels.  Since I have been avoiding so many foods that could cause inflammation it will be a good test (wink) as to the affects they have on me in small doses.

We all went down to dinner as a group and I made sure I ordered foods that were within the “Anti-Inflammatory” diet.  I had bites of goat cheese, some sweet potatoes, chicken and a freakin’ AWESOME Beet Salad.  I am so mad I didn’t bring my camera or phone to document how pretty the salad was.

Tomorrow is the wedding as well as a brunch following the ceremony.  I know I can do this, but I feel like I could possibly fall apart in the morning without my shake.  My shake is my daily breakfast and it has all the good things my body needs to get going.  Without phone reception I can’t text Heather for support, so I am on my own.  Although, I am not 100% alone.  I have my family and my friends here to support me.  I will make it, and I will enjoy the beautiful surroundings as well. 

(This is the same view from our balcony, but I found this at Shelly Rivoli’s Travels with Baby Blog.)

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Day 27 – It’s an HFCS kind of day!

HFCS , aka High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I found myself seeing it everywhere I looked today.  I have known for years that HFCS is the devil, as much as the shitty commercials would like you to believe it’s not, but I didn’t put a lot of effort into avoiding it when I got lazy buying foods for the house, until now.

Check out one of the many commercials which try to persuade you to think HFCS is OK (I tried to embed the original commercial, but that’s been disabled, you just have to follow this link):

Notice how she only says Corn Sugar when comparing?  She never once says that High Fructose Corn SYRUP is the same as any other sugar.

Here is Saturday Night Lives spoof on the original commercial:  (I pray this video works, you might need flash to see it otherwise click on “commercial” to take you there)

I promise to take the time to give you more detailed information on HFCS.  The most important thing to know is that it is in almost EVERY processed food out there.  Why?  Because it enhances flavors and can cause further addiction to a food.  Remember, check your labels.

Why did I start this with an introduction to the lies the Corn Refiners Association is providing America?  Because I was at two birthday parties today.  One was at a skating rink, which is way fun and super good for exercise.  Until you look at their snack bar.  If it wasn’t laden with sugar and nitrates then it was just water.  Sad part is, looking at the plate of nachos made from squirty gross cheese made me groan a little.  I know how bad it is for me, but sometimes, that stuff can fill the emptiness.

Those nachos there are almost as gross as the ones from the roller rink.  These only have half the fake cheese as the ones I saw on Sunday.  Bleh.

The other party was in a candy store.  It was soooo much fun for the kids to run around in doing a scavenger hunt while the movie Willy Wonka played in a corner and the song Sugar Shack played on the speakers.  But now is not a good time to have me in a space with soooo much sugar.  I took a million pictures but these two speak volumes on their own.



While helping the kids on their scavenger hunt I stumbled upon these tucked in a corner and high on a shelf.

I looked closely at the package for the ginger candies and found these stellar ingredients:  Organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, and natural ginger oil.  Well, when I am out of my detox you can bet these will be on my list of OK treats for my 20% times.  Things are OK in moderation, as long as they aren’t chemically altered things made to taste like something totally unnatural!