About Gina’s Healthy Embrace

Gina’s Healthy Embrace began after I embarked on a 90 day journey with a life long friend called Project Muffin Top.  That journey opened my eyes.  I found I was changing things in my life beyond diet and exercise. I was embracing who I was, and exploring my personal interests.  I was opening myself to meeting new people.  These changes were part of what was making me feel better.  Life was no longer happening without me, I was now part of my life and my families life.

Me and Hank Brock, who was a Team In Training Honoree. If anyone knew how to embrace life, it was Hank. He is with me in all of my adventures helping boost me over those tough hills. You are missed Hank.

I want to share my success with my friends, family, and others who may need support in starting their own journey.  I want to learn from others who have found their own success.  So that’s how I arrived here with Gina’s Healthy Embrace.  Let’s show everyone there are different levels of ‘healthy’, there is not a standard size box that we can all fit into. Break free from the molds and embrace who you are when you are feeling your best, and that’s when you will understand my vision of a healthy embrace.

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