Binge Eating · Random Spouting and Ranting

Let’s Begin…Again

F*^k me.

215.2 lbs! How the hell did I let that happen?  I promised myself to never go above 200 lbs again, yet here I am.  So many excuses cloud the reality of it all.  I just didn’t   stick to my plan and I wasn’t honest with myself about what I was doing.

Reality is I gave up.  I gave up on cooking, on exercise, and taking care of myself.  I ignored my better judgement when making food choices and chose the foods that would comfort me.  Over and over and over again. The results have been negative on my physical and mental health. My Fibromyalgia is out of control and the pain is near intolerable.  Brain fog is a freaking joke!  I actually went back on Wellbutrin, after a short stint with Prozac…ugh. Psoriasis is a great indicator to my family and friends when I have had some form of gluten as a treat.  They catch me scratching my hands and call me out. Lame.

How many times do I need to start over?  I have the tools.  Time to use them.




3 thoughts on “Let’s Begin…Again

  1. How many times do you start over? As many times as it takes. Start over. And stop the negative self-talk. It’s bad for you.—Terri (All said with love and encouragement because I know it’s hard, but I also know you can do it! :-))

    1. I am really, really good at negative self-talk. It’s a struggle, just like food or alcohol for me. So, I will take it one day at a time. Thank you for the support and kind words.

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