My Journey

Storm Has Passed

The fog is lifted.  Things are moving in the right direction.  I don’t know where I have been, but it wasn’t very pretty.  But for the last 45 days or so I have reconnected with AA and am finally working my program.  I never took a drink, but I danced very seductively with the thought.  

I have truly embraced that the emotional and mental shit that leads me to binge eating is most certainly what led me to drinking and drugs, and any other thing I could possibly be addicted to.  Whatever shit is there, I am starting to face it.  I can’t wait for the final layer of fog to lift, but for now, the storm has passed.


2 thoughts on “Storm Has Passed

  1. I get together with a great friend and we support each other with our eating. I know she has been through some of what you describe. Her insights to me are always so helpful. Knowing that she has overcome these things and now is working on this hopefully final addiction really keeps me focused. If she can keep doing this, so can I. Good luck to you, her, and me!

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