10 Dislikes – 30DWC

Since yesterday was a bust, I am going to top my list of dislikes off with what kept me from posting here then.


Ouch. OOOOouuuuucccchhhh!!! Toothaches can really destroy a day and make you very whiny, and for that, I dislike them. I waited too long to have my dentist (who also happens to be my employer) look at my tooth that was causing me some discomfort. Found out I had a broken/chipped filling. Wham bam, the cavity is filled and ready to go, but I was achy. And it hurt to bite. So I am taking a butt ton of ibuprofen and acetaminophen to make it better. Last night was so unbearable I tried to sleep as soon as I could so I didn’t have to feel anything. Today was much better, but we are keeping our eye on it to make sure I don’t need a root canal. Yippee. I am really hoping tomorrow I am totally better.

This is exactly what I looked like, except without the manicured nails and maybe I was more scowly.
This is exactly what I looked like, except without the manicured nails and maybe I was more scowly.

Procrastination is one of my biggest dislikes in the world. It’s also something I have mastered and practice daily. I am especially talented at procrastinating the beginning of a diet or work out. If I dislike it so much, why the heck do I keep doing it? Grrrrrr.

OK, so this dislike may be specific to me, but I can’t imagine I am totally alone here. You know when you are in the shower shaving your armpits and you see there are two extremely long hairs that keep getting missed by your razor. So you sweep past it again, and they disappear! Yay! And then the smart part of your brain puts some pieces together and it’s all “um, hey, you know how those two long pit hairs were abnormally long? Maybe you didn’t get them, maybe they are pressed close to your pit hiding, and growing longer.” And so you rub the skin and there those two fuckers are! Standing up straight and long and laughing at you. So you sweep your razor over them from every angle, and they are just weaving back and forth, and not letting go. So you super clean out your razor and you swipe once again, and ONE of the two is still there. So now, it’s just you and that one fucking abnormally long armpit hair, but by now your neck hurts and the kids are knocking on the bathroom door. So you give up. But you won’t forget. The next shower is just 24 hours away, and you will get it then…

Entitled little shits piss me off like nothing else. I struggle with this one because I really feel like it’s not their fault. Their parents, society, something is creating them. There is a large group of people, many young adults, but their age range any age really, who just think they are entitled to whatever they feel entitled too. Many expect big paydays right out of college. Or they don’t feel like they need to work because they can’t find a job that fits their dream. Or they just expect to win at everything. I have said to a few friends over the years that I think this may have started on soccer field. You remember those games where everyone wins? Ya, those games are where I think this trend started. Guess what kids! There are losers in this world. The object is, try hard so you don’t lose. They don’t hand out trophies to grown ups just for showing up.

This could be any young celebrity who doesn't take responsibility for their actions, but The Lohan will do.
This could be any young celebrity who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions, but The Lohan will do.

This one is another that is specific to me, but I really dislike when people rub their eyebrows the wrong way. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. The hairs get all askew and honestly, I can almost HEAR when my eyebrows are rubbed the wrong way. Really, there is nothing more to say about this. Just don’t do it.

Jell-o is one of the oddest foods in existence to me. It’s the consistency that really confuses me. I never quite know what to think of it. Sometimes it’s kind of watery, where other times it’s chunky and breaks apart as you bite it. Oh, and the Jell-o salad, or even worse, the Jell-o mold, should never be allowed at a party again. Period. I don’t care if you say it’s tradition. It’s out. Not at my party!

Someone, at some time, thought this was a good idea.
Someone, at some time, thought this was a good idea.

This dislike is yet another something I excel at, disorganization. I am the most disorganized person, yet I LOVE organization. My house overwhelms me. I have stacks of crap everywhere and looking at that crap just makes me want to hide under my sheets. I attempt to organize, and often succeed, but just a few weeks later everything is a mess again. I am desperate to tackle this in the coming year. I actually daydream about it, which ties in with procrastination I suppose. Oh, the cycle. I am in a constant cycle. Curse you disorganization!

I am so perplexed by the mess up there!
I am so perplexed by the mess up there!

So, when you are at the grocery store and your there paying and all of a sudden the person who is behind you in line is right next to you, well that is a big dislike. Dude, you have the length of your groceries on the conveyor belt to stand. Your stuff is still behind the scanner, so you don’t need to be right here, up in my business. Those people who are close line standers make me crazy. It’s not just at the grocery store, it could be in line at the snack stop at the local farmers market, or the line at a theme park. Anywhere people form lines, there is always one or two close line standers. And sometimes they go so far as to stand by your side in line. Where you going my friend? The line isn’t going to move any faster with you now standing next to me. All that’s going to happen now is me feeling crowded and unhappy and spitty. So back off. You aren’t welcome here!

Inserts in magazines multiply when you are not looking. You sit down to read your latest people magazine after you pulled them all out and you open it up, and out falls another. And then, when you are done and you want to just to read the article about the kid who was saved by his elderly dog the magazine just pops over to the glued in advertisement acting as a permanent bookmark for information all about erectile dysfunction. I don’t like those.

Finally we come to a dislike irks that crap out of me and causes me random tics, the throat bubble. You know that sound that someone gets in their throat that distorts their voice slightly? It’s often caused by dairy or phlegm. It creates a bubble over the vocal chord (totally not scientific stuff here, so don’t go quoting me) that makes them sound like they are disgusting monsters. All they need to do is clear their throat slightly and all would be well. However, many people ignore it and just keep talking, I think they hope that we won’t notice. Sadly, it’s all I notice. I will even clear my throat in an attempt for them to catch a hint. It frustrates me, and then I start twitching and they don’t catch on and then it finally goes away on it’s own. But by then, I have already crawled out of my skin and it will take time for me to recover. So please, if you notice a bubble, just a quick clear of your throat could keep the calm of those around you without drawing much attention to the voice distortion.

There you have it, my 10 dislikes. Please, take no offense if you are a close line stander or guilty of any other dislikes I listed here. I know I am probably guilty of some other peoples dislikes. We all just have to learn to live with each other. As long as you don’t stand close in line to me or talk with a weird throat bubble while rubbing your eyebrow backward. 🙂


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