Warm & Fuzzy – 30DWC

I am supposed to share with you “some little things that make [me] warm and fuzzy”.  I pretend like I am not a snugly person, but deep down, I like fuzzy, warm things.  However, many of my fuzzy warm things tend to be broken.  So what I really mean to say is that I like, broke down, forgotten, left behind, fuzzy and warm things.

My entire life I have always been drawn to the rejected animals.  The forgotten dogs and cats at the shelters. Many people head to the shelter and pick the cutest, youngest, sweetest looking animal to take home and love.  Left behind are the forgotten ones.

He just wants to love you
He just wants to love you

Those animals have hearts and love to give.

Awww, meow kitty.
Awww, meow kitty.

They watched all the other cute and adorable animals get taken home by the little girls in princess dresses, and were left in the cold of the shelter.

Someone just needs a hug.
Someone just needs a hug.

But sadly, like every other shelter animal, they have some issues too.

I will free him of the shackle of the shelter.
I will free him of the shackle of the shelter.

Babies under one year and old people also make me warm and fuzzy, but there is nothing that touches my heart more than the unwanted shelter animal missing an eye.  I am sure there is something to that.  Like, somehow I relate to the unwanted animals.  Not sure where that stems from?  Could it be the time some asshole in middle school told me I looked  like I had down syndrome?  Was it because kids had nothing better to do with their time aside from taunting me for being a little different in high school?  Or is it far deeper?  Is it because I was raised by my grandparents and somehow felt unwanted by my parents?  I don’t know. To be honest, I know I am still holding onto all of those feelings, otherwise, why they hell would they surface when I start looking within?  But those are to be dealt with on their own terms.  Right now, I just accept that I like the weirdest of the weird animals, who may or may not feast on my body while I sleep.  They make me feel warm and fuzzy.


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