The iPod Shuffle – 30DWC

Last night’s post was heavy.  I am still thinking of all the things I forgot to write to my grandma, like I somehow missed out on my only opportunity to tell her what I want to say.  So weird.  So tonight, I am going with a good ol’ MySpace/Facebook standard.  The iPod Shuffle list.  This is where you put your iPod on shuffle and list off the songs that come on.  Why this is so fun to me, I just don’t know.  But I love it.  Pretty much anytime I can talk about music or movies, I get a little giddy.  Alright, let’s hope for the best.  Here we go:

1.  Too Close by Alex Clare
Lucky me, the first song that comes up is a song I enjoy, but I am not passionate about.  So, I don’t have a whole lot to say except, I like it.

2.  go! club mix by Tones on Tail
This song made an appearance on the only mix tape I was ever given that I wish I had known I would need to make multiple back up copies of to keep for the rest of my life.  It was amazing.  I made copies for friends who also wish they had kept copies.  How did one boy know every song that would shape my young teenage mind.  Thank you Shreve for sharing so many god damn amazing songs with me on the one mix tape.  You know, there is still one song that I am never was able to rediscover.  It was possibly a Pogues song that was a B-Side that was never re-released.  Maybe I should start seeking that song out again.  DAMN!  That was a great mix tape.  But anyway, this song was one of those as well as a song that was played once in a blue moon at the clubs in the early 90’s.  Fun dance song.

3.  #thatPOWER by featuring Justin Bieber
Of course it jumps to the Bieb’s with the next song. But dammit I love dancing to this song. is quite the master entertainer and puts together some pretty groovy collaborations. It’s got some nice breaks so I can take a breather after some serious ass shakin’.

4.  Chevy Van by Sammy Kershaw
I will never understand how shuffle decides what to play.  You would think it would go for similar genres or beats, but no.  After a dance track it popped up with Chevy Van.  I am a fan of Sammy Kershaw’s version of this song.  Although, the writer and original artist of this song, Sammy Johns died this year in January, so I will give him a nod here for writing one of my favorite songs to belt out in the car on a road trip.  I dare you to listen and not feel the draw of a sing-a-long with me.

5.  Kabuki Girl by Descendents
Oh the memories.  LOVE LOVE LOVE The Descendents.  Kabuki Girl is a great song, but I would pick about a dozen others over this one.  Sadly, I left the power in iPod Shuffle’s hands and Kabuki Girl was the chosen one.  Early pop punk goodness.  I can remember sitting at my record player laying the needle on my Milo Goes to College album.  I so miss my records.

6.  Zensual by Karunesh
Another example of “WTF iPod Shuffle”.  I have several songs I downloaded to assist me with meditation.  I have yet to really put them to use.  I do enjoy this collection, for what it’s worth.

7. Hurt by Johnny Cash
Honestly, the 7th song was another one from Karunesh and the meditation cd, so I skipped to the next song and it was I Got Stripes by Johnny Cash.  I would happily share that song or any of Johnny’s other songs here too, but while I was in the bathroom doing some light reading from Entertainment Weekly I saw a brief column by the music video’s director Mark Romanek.  This song was originally performed by Nine Inch Nails, but when covered by Johnny Cash, it sends chills down my spine.  The director captured the song and Johnny & June perfectly.

8.  Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
Hang my head in shame.  I have no excuses.  I fucking love this song.  I don’t care what a douche he has been lately.  This song is pretty sweet.

9.  Play Hard by David Guetta featuring Ne-yo and Akon
Another awesome dance song.  I have been filling my iPod with newer songs lately for inspiration.  I love to dance.  Give me a good beat and I can’t stop myself.  So, I have been finding the best of the best to keep my body moving.  This song is one of those songs.

10. Boys ‘Round Here by Black Shelton featuring Pistol Annies & Friends
Yes!!!!  I am so excited this is the last song to pop up.  🙂 This rounds out my taste.  I can’t be placed in a box.  I love it all.  Punk, metal, dance, pop, and even pop country.  I love my old country music that my grandparents raised me on, but I have made fun of current pop country for years.  It’s finally getting to me, and I love it.  There’s been a few newer songs I enjoy, but so far this is my favorite and by far the catchiest.  Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit.

There you have it.  I admit to cheating on one of those, but do you blame me?  No one wants back to back meditation songs unless they are actually meditating.  If you do this little challenge yourself, let me know. I think it’s fun to see what is lurking in someones iPod on shuffle.  🙂


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