30 Day Writing Challenge – Yup

I like challenges.  I like checking things off lists.  I like when I have structure.  I do far better with structure.  This whole being on my own with writing, healthy life-styling, and being an adult is kind of hard.  So I set out on Google to find some inspiration.  (Don’t judge, you know you use Google to seek the ultimate answer to “Life, the Universe, and Everything”) Sadly, I didn’t find the answer to being an adult. What I found on Google and other blogs, like many other blogs, was 30 Day Writing Challenges.


A writing challenge?  A structured set of topics to write about daily?  AND I can check them off of a list? This is just what I need. The standard writing challenges either lean towards teens or actual authors seeking inspiration to get them out of a slump.  I opted to blend the two and create my own challenge list.  You are all welcome to join me.  I know I am starting this nine days into a month and not on the first as would be the norm for someone starting a 30 day challenge, but I guess I am just wild like that.  Totally crazy off the chain.  Shaking it up.

I must admit the part of me with OCD is cringing.  I am not starting on the first.  It’s not a Sunday.  It’s not the beginning of the year.  I have yet to fully create my 30 Day Writing Challenge list.  I am just throwing myself out here and hoping for the best.  This ought to be good.  Or it could be bad, but I am leaning towards good in an effort to calm that screeching OCD voice in my head.

Day One will be posted in a bit, as well as the list of posts we get to look forward to!   The creativity is just ready to bubble up and out.  Or maybe that’s the weird anxiety I am pretending not to have.  Either way, it’s something.


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