My Journey

Reviving Old Goals

I guess searching for my old Apple/iTunes ID can be helpful.  I went to my old email address and found a hidden gem in my old Yahoo! mail.  In 2005 I had created a bucket list of sorts and invited some friends to come along.  It was before I had quit drinking or even started on any path to a truly healthy self, aside from trying every health gimmick there was on the market.

My life has changed quite a bit, and this list is about to be updated and some added to my “Goals” page.  However the original text from the email is below in black.  My comments and updates are in red, but if I have completed it my comment is green.

I was inspired by someone’s website I stumbled across a couple months ago.  I have been slowly accumulating things I would like to do.  Just thought I would share and encourage everyone else to do the same!  We can share our goals every so often to see where we are.  I think it’s good to have BIG goals and little goals.

 As you can see I only have a little over 30 Things to do as of today, but as the weeks go on I will update and share with anyone else who wants to do this.  Just let me know if you would like to be a part of this too!  If you don’t, no need to respond I will just take you off my email list.

 For some of you, I will have this posted on a certain chubby website and I encourage you to post yours there too.

 101 Things to do Before I Turn 50!


1.                Get a cover-up/fix my tattoo on my upper right arm

2.                Lose 40lbs (Goal of 138lbs) – More like gained 40lbs!!

3.                Learn to Ski/Snowboard

4.                See a Musical on Broadway in NY

5.                Go on a European vacation

6.                Catch up all scrapbooking to current photos

7.                Train\Run a marathon – Completed my first marathon in October of 2008

8.                Keep my house (including bathrooms and under the bed) clean for a month straight

9.                Buy a house

10.            Fix my bike and ride it  –  well, we did sell it at a garage sale, so someone has fixed it an ridden it

11.            Decide what I want to be when I grow up – Still working on that one

12.            Go back to school – I did for a short period of time

13.            Be a stay at home mom  – Um, I think it’s too late for this one

14.            Travel across the country and see historic sites

15.            Work on a political campaign

16.            Tell my dad just what I think of him – Hmmm, not sure it’s worth it

17.            Go to Hawaii

18.            Buy some stocks/Play the stock market

19.            Learn how to play Pai Gow Poker and play in a casino – DONE!  And I suck, but I did it.

20.            Learn to make flower arrangements – I did buy a book.

21.            Read the books I’ve always thought I should read:

a.       The Bell Jar – DONE

b.      A Tale of Two Cities

c.       Anna Karenina – DONE

d.      Great Expectations

e.       Pride and Prejudice

f.        Wuthering Heights

g.       One Hundred Years of Solitude– DONE

h.       Satanic Verses

i.         For Whom the Bell Tolls

j.        Wrinkle in Time

k.      Atlas Shrugged

l.         The Haunting of Hill  House

m.     Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

n.       Sophie’s Choice

o.      The Bonesetters Daughter – DONE

22.            Go to a football game with my darling hubby

23.            Go snorkeling

24.            Learn to sew (much better then I know now)

25.            Run a nine minute mile

26.            Get a pug and name it Jeeves

27.            Buy a real diamond necklace

28.            Get a fake tan (the spray you down kind)

29.            Get a Brazilian Wax (OUCH!)

30.            Write and publish a children’s book

31.            Host Christmas Dinner – DONE, holy crap, when I hosted that year I had forgotten this was even on my list!

32.            Learn to Swing Dance

33.            Exercise in the morning 5 days in a row – DONE I did it, but is it on my list to continue doing this for the rest of forever?

34.            Clean my garage so one car can fit in it!

I can’t wait to add to this and update my Goals! page.


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