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Goals! Everyone Needs Some

Get out your pen and paper!

I am so excited to add a new Page to my blog.  GOALS!!  I have seen a few blogs out there with different “List” pages and really wanted to do one too, but never knew exactly what type of a check off list I would keep.  That is until today.  I was looking at other blogs and stumbled across Fit For A Year who has a great page titled “Goals”.  Although my goals are much different, I somehow connected to these in a way.  The one that really inspired me was “Train More Consistently”.

Yes!  That is exactly the kind of goal I want to set for myself.  So, without further ado, here is the link to my newest “Page”, GOAL!  I hope you will join me and share some of your personal goals here with all of us.  Inspire one another.  Maybe you have a goal you are setting for yourself that I didn’t even think of but could really benefit from?  I want to know about it.  Share!

Something else we should all consider when setting our goals is making plans to achieve our goals.  How will we succeed in reaching our goal? In the business world there is something called “SMART” goal setting where SMART stands for:


We can apply this to any of our personal goals as well.  Or just simplify it further by setting our goal, making a plan, and taking action.  Some say if you write it down, or share your goal with someone it will make your goal more achievable.  If you want to take it one step further, you can always join this website, Goal Buddy.  This is a website with goal tracking software to help you reach your goals.  It’s free.  I have not used it, but a self help book I read recommended it.  If you decide to check it out and find success or totally hate it, share that here.  I am interested.

That’s it.  Let’s go!  I am ready to start checking things off my list.


One thought on “Goals! Everyone Needs Some

  1. Eek!! I LOVE this… I’m gonna have to copy 🙂

    Your goals are fabulous, and they are both ambitious as well as realistic and measurable… sounds like a recipe for success!

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