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Some Days Are Better Than Others

And then there are those days that suck ::Insert something explicit and repulsive:: and fire ants.  Today is one of those days.  I tried all that I could to fight back the tears, but they won.  I sat at my desk and let the tears stream down my face while I hovered in the corner of the office praying no one would notice.  

Has a sad
Thank you Lap Band Gal for sharing the cat “I has a sad” on your blog. You inspired me. And it kind of cheers me up to see cute sad animal faces.

Dammit.  A tissue box was handed to me over my shoulder.  

I am lucky to have my office mates support and understanding though.  However, it’s never fun to be caught with snot and tears streaking your face.  I am fine, and it’s nothing that a little relaxation and focus can’t fix.  Not to mention, Chris and Darlene always manage to put a smile on my face when I don’t even realize I need it.  Thank you ladies.


3 thoughts on “Some Days Are Better Than Others

  1. Gina, I don’t know why you are crying, and I hope that all is now well, however, I am glad to hear that you did not hold back, that you were kind to yourself, and allowed yourself to feel, and cry. I love you…Praying for you and sending happy, loving thoughts your way.

    Blessings to you and ALL that pertains to you and yours!
    Aunt Lena

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