My Journey


I am trying with all my might to accept that water is the best drink I could possibly drink.

Just plain water. It’s good for me. My body LOVES water.

Boring, water, boring.

What I really want is a big ass Diet Coke, or even a Juiced Rock Star! The choices are endless when you walk into a 7-11 or gas station market. They call out to you all cold and glistening. And then your conscience is all,

“You are a grown up, you should know sugary and chemical laced drinks are bad for your body. Being a grown up, you need to make the right choice for your body and drink water.”

So I walk away and get to the office and fill my bottle with water. Mmmmm, water.

Water, it's good for you.
Water, it’s good for you.

I know water is good for me and the shit storm of sugar and chemicals is bad. But I want them. I want them so bad I can taste them as I type. Just a tiny sip. But the addict in me knows that sip is on the edge of a slippery slope. Just like a tiny sip of whiskey, that sip of soda could turn all the good I have done for myself in this past year upside down and all my healthy choices would be strewn about like a cyclone had just tore through. The clean up would be tedious, if I even decided to attempt a clean up.

Brain, stop it. Stop being an asshole and telling me you want to drink soda. I am ignoring your cries for that shit and drinking my water. Even if water is lame.


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