Random Spouting and Ranting

And Then There Was a Ghost of a Wildebeest in My Living Room

Ha, not really.

But it would be so much cooler if there was. Or maybe not.  But I want to blame the condition of my house on something other than me and my family.  Sadly there is not one other person I can point the finger at.  The house was clean for a minute.  I shoved a majority of my mess into the garage, boxes, and closets.  I doubt any of us have touched the crap I shoved away, however things are slowly making their way back into the clean spaces.

Stop stuff.  You’re not welcome in there. Go back to your home!

I know, I have to have a chat with myself and the fam about that.  Stuff doesn’t just walk itself to it’s proper home.  But then again, our stuff doesn’t really have a proper home.  And here is where my head spins.  I have this crazy idea that if I buy more crap to put my loose crap in that I will have a clean space.  Unfortunately, I have tried this tactic multiple times only to find I just have more crap.  And then I get all depressed and I feel trapped by the crap.  It seems like a never ending cycle.

But we all know I am trying.  I intend to take control of my out of control life.

I am starting with clean eating and showing my family the benefits.

Wait, I just read that and I suddenly feel like maybe that isn’t the best option.  Perhaps cleaning the house and the front yard would be the better option.  And then I wonder why I am thinking about the front yard.  And then I remember I want to plant a SUCCESSFUL fruit and vegetable garden this year.

And now I am back to wishing I could blame the ghost of a wildebeest (did you know that’s how it’s spelled?) who was hiding in the corner hanging its head in shame for making such a mess of my home.

Today has been a wackadoo day of crazy in my head.


One thought on “And Then There Was a Ghost of a Wildebeest in My Living Room

  1. You should find a friend who’s really good at organizing to help! Then you can spend more time in your (future) garden.

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