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The Garage

Make it Happen March Strikes again!

Instead of thinking for months about doing something, I just grabbed my daughters camera (thanks Riley) and decided to share with you my project.  Which I decided to take on right this moment, and by sharing with you all I feel like I will actually MAKE IT HAPPEN!  So, without further ado, here’s my garage!

Hopefully, the video doesn’t scare you away.  Hopefully, if you are in a similar situation (buried in junk) it will encourage you to dig yourself out.

Alright, time to get busy.


4 thoughts on “The Garage

  1. Agggghhhh! You very clearly posted a warning for neat freaks like me not too watch, and yet, like a car wreck on the side of the freeway I had to look, had to see, and….wow. I swear, if I wasn’t flying to see my new niece in a few weeks I would be tempted to drive all night and come clean your garage myself. Also, I am super jealous because I want to do crossfit but I can’t afford it and I was just thinking how I wished I had a big garage or space of some sort to make myself a badass gym. Lucky!

    1. You were EXACTLY who my warning was for!!! I am so jealous you get to go see your niece! Sweet new baby cheeks to kiss. One day soon though, you will need to make a visit here so we can get our CrossFit workout on in my home gym!

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