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What’s In My Purse – TAG!

My daughter is a “Beauty & Fashion Guru” who makes videos on YouTube.  One of the things she does on her videos are different “Tags”, where one person will complete a video like “What’s in My Purse” and then “tag” other people they want to see do the same video.  It’s fun.  So, to lighten up my blog after yesterdays heavy post, I decided to do the “What’s in My Purse Tag”.

Meet my happy green Joe Boxer purse from KMart.  I liked it because it was green and it was $10.  Yay.

In the front pocket of my purse we have:

New car key
Work keys
scrunchy (I am product of the 80’s)
business cards from New Media Expo
Hair Clip
6 Starbucks free pick of the week cards (the holidays are a difficult time to resist Starbucks)
a wadded up tissue

Keys and scrunchies are necessary for to be in the front pocket for easy access!
Keys and scrunchies are necessary for to be in the front pocket for easy access!

In the next pocket we find:

Blood test and xray results in an envelope
Tamarind candy wrapper (good lord that candy was horrid)
Jack and the Giant Slayer movie ticket (it was great!  a little violent, but otherwise a great story.  Hello Ewan McGregor!)
Black ball point pen
list of juices from Lydia’s February juice cleanse
Lydia’s Gift Card (I have a slight addiction to Lydia’s)
chapstick (mint)
Mary’s Pizza Shack receipt
DB Shoes Receipt

Tamarind Candy
I must have kept the wrapper to the tamarind candy as a reminder to never put that crap in my mouth again.

In the last pocket I have stuffed:

The paperwork my doctor gave me before I received the results of my xray for the Rhomboid pain
An appointment reminder
Pumpkin Spice Paleo Krunch (delightful in my almond yogurt)
L’Oreal Infallible 6 hour Lip Gloss in Suede
Revlon Color Stay lip  liner in Nude
ballpoint pen from The Rio
Players Club card from Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon (sniff sniff…I will miss you Bill’s)
Players Club card from Circus Circus in Reno (It seems I haven’t cleaned out my purse since my trip to Vegas in early January)
Mac Satin Lipstick in Viva Glam II
Bath and Body Works travel hand sanitizer in Frosted Snowberry
2 bobby pins
5 pennies
My car keys with my Pharmica card

Las Vegas Players cards
I NEED my Nevada Player’s cards with me at ALL times.

There you have it!  What’s in My Purse.  So, what’s in your purse?  I am lucky my purse is pretty compact, but it seems to still have quite a few things over the past several months that I don’t need to carry with me daily.  But what do you think I did with everything after I pulled it out?  You’re right.  Everything is shoved right back where it was found.  🙂


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