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One Year Later

Ow.  Were that many vials really necessary?
Ow. Were that many vials really necessary?

It’s been a little over a year since I started my quest to get me out of the funk and awful rut I was in. My general doctor and my naturopathic doctor both agreed it was time to see how my blood work reflected all my hard work and clean eating.  I am feeling amazing and was so excited to find out my results.

Then the results came in.

And then I got angry.

And then I started to get  resentful and disheartened.

And then I started to question my intentions.

And then I started thinking over the last 12 months and how far I have come.

And then I realized, I was being a big whiny baby.  There are so many good things that have come in my life as a result of following the strict diet and exercise. I need to look at those results and see them for what they are.

And THEN, I need to take into consideration that my blood results are still all within normal ranges.  But I will share those that made me reconsider my current diet regime.

The Good

  • Lost and maintained a loss of 34lbs
  • No longer taking Adderall
  • No longer taking Prozac
  • No longer drinking sodas or energy drinks
  • Can sleep through the night
  • Reduced (nearly eliminated) chronic pain (especially low back pain)
  • Been more involved with my family
  • Discovered new interests
  • Found the self respect I had tossed under my bed in the midst of a giant bout of depression

All of those good things are things I don’t want to give up.  I want to keep them going.  And I won’t let a little slip in my blood test results get me disillusioned.

The Bad

Normal range, but not the changes I expected to see. Hey, my Triglycerides are lookin' good at least.
Normal range, but not the changes I expected to see. Hey, my Triglycerides are lookin’ good at least.

Here we have the test name, the “Normal” range, one year ago, and now.

  • Hmmmmmm, my cholesterol went up.
  • HDL went down.
  • LDL went up…significantly (in my opinion).


I may have had a few moments of weakness with a french fry over the last year, but nothing that could even compare to the fat and cholesterol I was shoving in my mouth over a year ago.  There were many 3am snacks that had as much fat in them that I consume in two days today.  So what is going on?  Is it that I am eating more egg and red meats?  I have no idea.  I really don’t think it is, since the amount I am eating hasn’t increased much over what I was eating previously.

I’ve decided I am taking this with a grain of salt.  For today.

For today, I am going to enjoy all of the benefits my lifestyle changes have given me.  I will retest to find out if this was just a fluke.  I can’t imagine I am causing  my body damage today compared to the damage caused by the shit storm of chemicals and crap my body was processing just a year a ago.  I am sure this will fix itself.  Soon.  I will update you when I go to the doctor to see what they have to say about it too.


8 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. I am so proud of you…Be proud of yourself, no matter how large or little that you have changed, becoming aware is the best thing ever, and that is what you have done, that’s amazing!!!! I looked at the good and the bad you mentioned and I was perplexed at your disappointment…Be good to yourself my sweet, you have come along way and endured much….You are amazing!!!!

    I love you,
    Aunt Lena

  2. I was just reading some primal stuff on cholesterol and I thought back to this post. Random thought- since cholesterol is processed through the liver, is it possible this is a sign of a problematic liver and not a problematic diet?

      1. Talked to the naturopath today. He thinks it has something to do with my gallbladder (rather lack of), but he isn’t really all the concerned about it. His honest response was to increase my exercise and to not sneak in cookies and crap. He said I have great numbers and that if I continue to rise when I test again next year, then we will have a more serious conversation.

  3. You lost 34 pounds and went off all that medicine. You have a lot to be proud of, and I don’t know what those numbers really mean anyway. I’ve been fooling around with the same 7 pounds for a long time. I keep thinking I could weight at least 70 pounds more if I hadn’t been watching myself the last few years.

    1. Amen! I have a battle in my head near daily that drives me crazy. I am so happy with my successes. And you are so right! If I had not held on to the majority of my healthy habits this past year, I would have gained some weight instead of losing 34lbs!

      Thank you hoping4astory.

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