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Happy New Year! – I’m in VEGAS!

There has been quite a few things that have gone on since my last post (aside from the holidays and regular day to day stuffs) .  Nothing specific to this blog, so I won’t go into details, but I did want to say Happy New Year to everyone.


Quickly wanted to let everyone know I am in Las Vegas for a fun convention/expo-y thing where I will learn more about the blogging world to better myself in all aspects of my blog.  I want to glean knowledge from the experts.  I have a habit of being an all or nothing type of person.  It is very apparent in my diet and housework.  If I can’t do it perfect, I have an issue with doing it at all.  (I KNOW THIS IS NOT A HEALTHY PRACTICE).  This also has come up in my blogging.  I found that I would get frustrated with the layout, pictures, links, etc and I would walk away from the blog for weeks at a time.  Every day thinking I was going to perfect it before the next blog.  I never learned how to perfect it.

In this new year, I am embracing imperfections in life.  My blog will not be perfect.  I know it won’t be.  So, I am moving beyond that.  Not every post can have photo, and not every post will be educational or insightful.  Sometimes, my posts will be shit I feel like I want to talk about.  🙂     YAY!

So, here I am in Vegas.  Looking forward to three days of seminars about blogging and all sorts of new media type stuff.  I will meet people who have been through it themselves and probably don’t think they have perfected their own blogs.  It will be a good place for me to reignite my love of blogging.  I love to share my up’s and down’s with everyone.  I love to share new recipes or interesting articles I find.  I love to share how my life has forever changed just through diet, exercise, and optimism.

By the way, I did my own make up all by myself tonight.  A beauty guru I am not.  Don’t let me pencil in my own eyebrows alone again!


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