Daily Hurdles

Days Go By…

Days go by
And still I think of you
Days when I couldn’t live my life without you
-Days Go By / Dirty Vegas

I find there are so many days that go by where I kick myself in the ass over and over about not checking in here.  I need you.  I need the support I get here, and when I turn my back on posting what’s going on you should know it’s because I am overwhelmed with crap.


I am not apologizing for anything.  I haven’t made horrible choices.  I have just not been consistent.  I miss Zumba.  I miss being psoriasis free.  I miss making fabulous meals I feel good about feeding myself and my family.  I miss waking up fresh and not sluggish.  Sigh.

I also struggle with dealing with some friends comments regarding my diet, or some of my blog posts.  I know deep down they support me and want to see me succeed, but on the other hand I feel judged which doesn’t feel good.  I feel good for a minute, and being an addict I struggle with everything.  It doesn’t matter if I am following a Paleo diet or a clean living diet, or even just eating moderately.  I am an addict and I am sick.  I use food as a comfort for illness, sadness, anger, or anything I encounter in my life.


I got it out.  And again, for the umpteenth time, I start fresh.


4 thoughts on “Days Go By…

    1. Thanks. My brain is a big spiral of thoughts and frustration. Again, I just received good news from the doctor the other day, and I instantly started back on my downward spiral of self sabotage. It’s not pretty. I wish I could just come hang out on your couch and vent and then we could go for a hike and chat and enjoy.

  1. Wow. I know exactly what you mean. I am glad you stopped by my blog, it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one flailing right now. Now let’s both kick our own asses and cut it out 😉

  2. Strange that I am having the same day.
    I really thought of going to EA’s gym for a hug. But again, I got home too late.
    I ate goodies at work today. There are three containers of cakes, homemade candies and cookies. They really don’t taste that good. I did have little pieces of a lot of them but I feel crappy because of all that sugar. Ate a good paleo lunch. I want my healthy lifestyle back. I did it seemingly effortlessly but now I’m struggling again.
    We will get through this.
    I am glad we are on the same positive path. Seeing you across the room or talking with you gives me strength to make the better choice.
    Thank you, I love you!

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