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I Feel Pretty – Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young lady girl name Gina.  (Gina was never a lady) Gina had confidence and a sense of style.  Granted, her style was kind of gutter-punk-esque and sometimes Goth-on-a-dime, but she had a sense of style.

Goth -on-a-dime Gina

And she was happy.

There was always skirts and dresses to be worn on the days she didn’t wear the horribly over-sized and baggy cut off jeans. There was baubles and rings and make-up and fancy colorful hair.

Gutter Punk Gina (aka Female Garth)

And she was happy.

Not saying she was well put together, or that they were good looks, but they were looks she put effort into putting together.  Even if she was just going to a friends house to lounge around in a bedroom smoking and talking.  (Not proud, but there was a lot of smoking that happened in the 90’s. A lot.) She did her best to look “good”.

Little Darkie Gina

And she was happy.

One day Gina grew up and became a mommy and worked in offices that were unlike the video and record stores she grew up working in. Now there was a certain look she felt she needed to fit into, and so she tried to fit in, but it was a difficult transition.

There were overalls…

Sadly, I thought I was hiding fat that didn’t really exist.

There was jeans with black t-shirts, and ponytails…

Hair is much easier to deal with in a ponytail.

and yet more jeans with black t-shirts and ponytails…

8 years later, still rockin’ the look.

And she was happy…

kind of…

She loved her kids, and loved her family, and enjoyed being a responsible adult.  But somewhere deep inside, she knew there was another way.

I have set out to find my own personal style.  Something beyond jeans, black t-shirts, and ponytails.  I will keep you posted as I find what works and what doesn’t.  And if I find any great deals or tutorials, I will happily share them with you.  Wish me luck.  This is not going to be an easy fix.


3 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty – Part 1

  1. I firmly believe there is some happiness to be found in barrel roll curls and pin up girl bandanas. Even if just a little. Oh and socks. New socks are needed.

  2. … and I’m telling ya, it ALL starts with new hair. The hair will define what clothes you choose (and if you put on makeup). 🙂

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