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What’s the 1st Step Again?

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.  I do often admit to having problems, some of them are heavy like admitting I am an alcoholic and addict.  Other problems are “First World Problems” like being addicted to apps on my multiple electronic devices.  And then some are middle of the road problems, like being a mild hoarder and predictable procrastinator.  I have admitted I have those problems multiple times in my life, and yet I ignore that I am falling back into these patterns when I do start show signs of old behaviors.  Today, I caught myself and instead of tackling the issue head on, I am procrastinating yet again by making this post.  But I am admitting publicly that I indeed have a problem.

Today started out great.  Woke up early, played some SongPop (one of my app addictions), talked to the youngest child, watched the birds torment the cats, then decided it was such a beautiful day and my carpets had just been cleaned, I would straighten up around the house a bit.  Totally sounds like I have my shit together, right?  You are about to see just how wrong in my “clean up around the house” thought process is as I take you on this photo journey.

Here is my daughters room, with beautifully clean carpets.  (Thank you Imperial Services for a job well done!  If you live in the Sonoma area, I highly recommend them)

Clean floors, just need to tidy up the walls a bit, maybe vacuum again.

So here is where my detour begins.  In the clean room, I have decided to vacuum the carpet (which I have vacuumed daily since we had our carpets cleaned on Wednesday) and tidy up the stickers on the wall.  Mind you, it is now Sunday.  My child has either slept on the floor in the dining room under the table (her choice!!!) or on the couch, waiting to get the room reorganized.  That’s fine.  Husband and I work different schedules, we need to work together, so tonight we will put the room back together.  At least the carpets are cleaned and the walls are ready.  Oh, I better empty this vacuum container.

Outside, emptying the vacuum I see the filter should be cleaned.  It’s one of those that you rinse to clean, so I pull out the hose to clean it out.  While cleaning out the filter I start looking around the backyard and noticed the chairs we had just recently repainted were filthy.  I got out my scrub brush and scrubbed those suckers clean.

Time to get the backyard ready for the winter, right?

Now I am a mess of dirt and my pants and shoes are wet, so I need to take a shower.  Plus, I have to run out to pick up the oldest child from a sleep over, so I might as well take a short break for now.  While I was in the shower I started thinking about how I could make a post out of my successful morning of cleaning and organizing.  So when I got back I decided to tackle the next item on my list (which I added to the list when I got out of the shower because it’s right outside my bathroom door) and take a “before” photo with a silly look on my face.  You know, because it’s silly and artsy.

I am so perplexed by the mess up there!

And then it hit me.  Maybe it was because I feared what the dust up there would do to me, or maybe it was because I freakin’ realized what the hell I was doing.  I was avoiding tackling the biggest gawd damn mess in my house.  Remember, we recently had the carpets cleaned and there’s all that furniture in places it’s not supposed to be?  Shouldn’t I be putting all the furniture back?  But that shit’s hard.  Look at what I have to face!

Shit. That’s a lot of shit. I think I will just vacuum.
Here’s some more stuff that’s shoved in my kitchen instead of where it should be.

OK, I see I am procrastinating, but when I think about it, I really  need the husband to help me move that stuff back where it belongs.  But how do I explain this:

Kids bathroom, they can clean it.

Or this:

That’s too much stuff to deal with today.

Or that I have this giant mess in my garage and have had it there for several months:

There is a gym in there somewhere!


And now it’s 3:15pm, and the day is gone, so I guess I will just have to do it tomorrow.  Or maybe another day next weekend when I have some time.  Or maybe someone will just come over and make it all better and then I can maintain the clean, for like a week or two.

OR, I could just admit I have a problem and take care of this shit now.

Hmmm, I need some tea to help me ponder how to tackle all of this.


2 thoughts on “What’s the 1st Step Again?

  1. Tea sounds good. I was on my way to join you but realized I should tidy up a bit in the yard. I remembered that due to certain ailments I needed to wait for Last to wake up. I thought I might dust the TV but I Love Lucy is on so that seemed to take priority. I started this comment about 10 times and I need to go back and fix grammar issues but now I am just bored of it so I guess I will…

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