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I CHALLENGE YOU (and me)! – Write it down

Hmm, that sounded threatening.  Not my intention, but it’s time to get serious.  For many of you this may not be a challenge at all, but for the rest of us this challenge will be a bit of a struggle as well as an eye opener!

Gina’s Healthy Embrace – Challenge #1

WHAT’S THE CHALLENGE?:  Beginning 12:00am Tuesday 10/30/2012 and ending 11:59pm Friday 11/2/2012 (Psssssttttt, I won’t be tracking you so if you come across this challenge say in the year 2046, go ahead and take on four days of food tracking…that’s the beauty of these personal challenges!), I challenge you to write down everything you consume over the course of the day.  This includes the handful of M&M’s you grab from your co-workers candy dish and that bite of cake you had to taste.  Oh, and at this point if you are not comfortable tracking calories or weight, don’t do it.  But the more you can track, the more you will learn.

WHY and WHY NOW?: I know I am more successful when I am writing down the foods I am eating.  Even if I am not counting the calories, measuring, just being aware of what goes in my mouth (get out of the gutter some of you!!) helps keep my eating in check.  Why now?  This is the perfect time!  We are currently being inundated with bite size candy treats everywhere we turn.  Often times we say “Oh, just one won’t hurt.” Then a couple hours go by and “Another one won’t hurt” and then we forget we had the first one and add on more!  It’s a deadly cycle.  The cycle can be stopped if we write that crap down.

RESULTS: OK, the challenge is for just four days, so you won’t see any weight loss from this challenge, but you will become more aware of what is going on with your daily food choices.  Also, you may not eat something you normally would have eaten because you are now thinking about what you are eating, not just eating.  HOPEFULLY, after four days we will all understand the benefit of tracking our foods and continue to do so.  Even if it’s just through the end of December.  These next few holiday months are often the toughest for those of us on the Healthy Bandwagon.  There are those people who aren’t on our wagon who are jealous and often try to shoot out our wagon wheels.  With the right weapons (food tracking is one!) we can survive.

So, who’s with me!  Challenges are more fun when there are people to share their success so we can lean on those successes when we are feeling weak.



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