Chalk that up to a WIN! · Psoriasis can kiss my ass

One Foot in Front of the Other

Since my last post on Wednesday I have stayed on course with reducing my sugar intake and gluten free eating.  So in 5 1/2 days this happened:

Yup, 3.6 lbs down!
Left hand! WHAT! No freakin’ way! Go suck it gluten!
Right hand! Ha! I win!
A little redder than it was but no longer cracking or getting worse.

So hooray!  Success from simply following the diet my doctor and nutritional coach suggest I followed.  But then there is this lovely photo of my right elbow:

DUDE! WTF? Does it sometimes get bigger before it gets better?

I am banking on this as a visual reminder to keep on track with my Anti-Inflammatory dieting ways.  It’s really not easy to stay away from gluten and sugar since it’s so readily available in the foods that have brought me (and I am sure many of you) comfort over the years.  There are days like today that I just want to eat a bunch of yummy food that is like poison to my body, but these visuals will keep me on the right path.


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