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Zumba Mami Part 2

In my last Zumba blog, I told you that Zumba was not for me.  I had tried it and I was done.  After I posted that blog, I had a couple friends tell me I needed to try a different teacher.  I agreed, but dragged my feet and found plenty of excuses for missing the classes.  I ended up seeing one of these friends at a bakery after he had taken the class he’s been trying to get me to take and basically made me PROMISE right there in front of his friend and my daughter that I would go.  I did, and I will admit right here….

I had fun!  The class was high energy and the teacher, the teacher MAKES that class.  Lauren is approachable and encouraging.  She makes you feel welcome with very little personal interaction.  She is what all Zumba instructors should aspire to be like.  Her instruction is a bit wild at times, but she shows you to just let loose and HAVE FUN! The class is taught in a gym, so luckily for me there were no mirrors to make me insecure.  Anytime I got lost in the choreography I shook my butt and laughed.

The best part of it all, I get to do Zumba with my daughter Riley.  She’s 15, and she actually wants to spend her Sunday mornings with me!  How awesome is that? Thank you Charles and Gilly for insisting I try a different Zumba class and a different teacher. It really did make a world of difference.


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