Chalk that up to a WIN!

Family 5K! (and an apology)

Cough…cough..<swipes away cobwebs>.

…hello, ello, llo,o,o..o,…o?

Oh dear, this place got dusty and lonely after I left it on it’s own, languishing in “The Pit of Forgotten Blogs”.  I am so sorry loyal readers. I have been very naughty, and not just in my lack of blogging.  I have not been taking very good care of myself and my palms are covered in psoriasis, depression is creeping back into my life, and I gained weight.  This whole journey is so full of highs and lows, and while the guilt was getting the best of me I decided to turn it around. I  know that if I just buck up and blog and share with you things will be oh so so so so much better.  So, I start again today, and I am not going to grovel or have a pity party.  Today I share the successes and wins I have enjoyed while I was playing hooky.

A little over a month ago my mom sent me and my uncle a text asking if we would do a 5K with her at the end of September.  This was going to be her first 5K so of course we wanted to support her!  She bought our entries and two entries for some friends of mine (Maureen and her husband Josh) who are fans of running events.  Just a few days before the 5K, Maureen and Josh had to change their plans and couldn’t attend.  In an effort to fill their spaces, we asked my 15 year old daughter, and my uncles 19 year old daughter if they would like to join us.  My daughter Riley and my cousin Mary may have been slightly hesitant, but they were willing to join our 5K party.  (OK, so I had to buy my daughter new running shoes and workout clothes, but what girl doesn’t need new workout attire for motivation )  My mom also invited my sister who was unaware that she was actually participating in the 5k, but she did it anyway (with her dog Snoopy…tee hee).

Riley, Mom, me, Holly, and Mary before the race.
Mary and Uncle Jerry before the race.

I stayed with my mom during the race.  It was a beautiful course through the back roads of Sonoma and past vineyards.  My mom didn’t complain once during the race and I even pushed her to run a couple times at the end.  She did wonderfully and we completed the 5K in under 50 minutes. Her goal was to finish in under and hour, so she kicked that goals ass!  Congratulations Mom!  I love you and I am beyond proud of all that you have accomplished.  You are making so many wonderful and positive changes in your life.  I am happy I am able to be a part of this journey with you.  We all are!

After the race! Congratulations mom!

p.s.  I almost forgot one of the most amazing parts of this!  A lady approached me and said I was looking wonderful and that she was following us on Project Muffintop.  I had never met her before, but I took the time to introduce myself and briefly talk to her.  What and absolute honor!  She definitely was a big part in reminding me that the work I am doing is not just for me.  In some way, I am helping others start their personal journeys and reach their own goals.  Thank you!


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