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Reunion Blues Pt. 4

And so, the saga continues.  Today was a day of shopping for a new dress for the reunion.  After deciding on attending the reunion my husband kindly reminded me, in his own state of panic, that I needed to figure out what the heck to wear to the reunion.  Shopping for clothing is something I dislike greatly.  Clothes are rarely made to fit my body type.  I am an hourglass, and for whatever reason, designers hate the hourglass.  I guess it’s hard to sew around curves?  Not 100% on that.

I know I am not alone with this dilemma!

Dear Designers, Please take the extra material from the waistband and add it to the thighs and hips. Love, All the Curvy Ladies in the world

My first stop was Macy’s.  They had a great Labor Day weekend sale going on, and I was hoping for a one-stop, in and out, shopping experience.  I was going to be open about trying on anything and everything in my size.  Even if it hung funny on the hanger, I was going to give it a chance.  I made my way into the woman’s section and picked up several size 18’s and headed to the dressing room.  I had some hesitation, but locked myself in the dressing room and started dressing.

This dress fit me like a potato sack and the belt was on the tightest hole! Not the dress for me.

The first dress was slightly boxy on me, so I moved onto the second dress.  Hmmm, a little roomy up top, must be the cut.  Then I tried on a third dress and it was again too big.  This was something I was not prepared for! The smile on my face was so big I couldn’t control my giggle.  In March of this year I had just purchased a size 22 pants, the biggest pair of pants I have ever purchased for myself.  The biggest I was on top was a size 2X which is the equivalent of a 22.  I can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed that size 18 is TOO BIG! I pack up the clothes I am too small for and start looking for other options.

Out on the store floor I ventured into the “non-woman’s” section.  I don’t know what else to call it because I refuse to call it the normal size section.  I grabbed several size 16’s and one size XL and made my way back to the dressing room.  The first dress I tried on looked silly on the hanger but when I had it on, I thought I was flattering.  I mean, it was way better then any of the dresses I had tried on earlier, but it did have a downfall.  The dress is pink.

See, the girls fill out the dress quite nicely.

I put this dress in the maybe pile and went to try on the Calvin Klein dress that was everything I dreamed of in a dress.  I pulled the dress over my head with no problems, just a little tug over my chest and then realized there was no way this dress was making it past my hips.  I was a little sad, but then I started to lift the dress up to take it off.  I got to my chest, tugged a little and attempted to get my arm through.  I found myself in a frightening place.  I was stuck in a dress in a dressing room with the horribly unflattering lights and three way mirror.

A little help here?

I knew that the “non-women” sizes were maybe slightly different than the women’s sizes, but really?  That big of a difference?  After a struggle that would make suffragists proud, I removed myself from the dress.  And then I kicked it, I had to show it who was boss.  I beat that bitch.  I tried on multiple other dresses and found that I would have to venture outside of Macy’s to find THE dress.

There’s not a lot of choices out there for fashionable plus size women, but I did find two stores that kind of fit the bill.  Torrid and Choice Plus (which apparently doesn’t have a website because they are shady).  Torrid has some cute clothes and there was a dress I thought was the bomb, when I saw myself in the dress I looked more like stuffed sausage.  I am sparing you the visual.  It was bad.  They did have some cute tops which took my mind off the last few dress encounters.  However, this top, which I thought was cute on the hanger, just confused the poop out of me.

Really, it’s cut to fall that way?

I kept trying to put it up on my shoulder, but no.  That’s how it’s cut.  AND, the sleeves are two different sizes.  Not my thing.  Next.

After several dressing room wars, I finally settled on a dress.  I am not posting a photo here, because I am wearing my jeans and chucks under the dress and it’s just not nearly as cute in the photo I took as it is in person.  My 15 year old daughter and my very mature mother both approved.  🙂  It’s cute!  My daughter did not, however, approved of the boots I REALLY REALLY wanted.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Tonight there will be a small gathering of people from our high school to catch up at a local pub.  I am going in full casual mode.  Today’s excursion took all of the desire to get gussied up out of me.  XO!!!



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