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Reunion Blues, Pt. 2


I have not yet purchased my ticket, however I have decided I will be attending my 20 year reunion.  There were some wonderful arguments made in favor of attending.  I know there will be people I would love to catch up with there.  Plus, and this is a huge plus, THERE WILL BE DANCING!  YAYAYAYYYYY!

I am still dealing with the anxiety of being outside my comfort zone, but I think once I get there and just let myself enjoy the party, I will absolutely enjoy myself.

I will let all know how it goes!  Thank you!

(And by the way, the Reunion Blues post brought in the most traffic on my blog by far!  ??  Interesting.)


3 thoughts on “Reunion Blues, Pt. 2

  1. Yay! I think its a decision you had to make for yourself but I think you made the right one. Frankly, I hardly knew my svhs classmates and didn’t see much point in attending but you seemed to know everyone and I think you will have a blast! Is Paul going?

    1. I know people, but was never close to many. Just a handful of our class. I am not sure about Paul. I need to ask him. However, he thinks if I make him go to mine, he will need to go to his as well. Which may turn out true, since I do enjoy a dance floor and dj.

  2. You delayed your decision long enough that I will be using the argument that this was too little notice to go to yours and the fact that you agonized over the decision means that you will understand when I decline to go to mine in a couple of years.

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