Random Spouting and Ranting

Days Go By…

There are days I sit around and think of fabulous content to share on this blog, and then those days pass, and I am like “damn, that is old news now, guess I better think of something else to share.” Riddle me this? If these are all thoughts in my own freakin’ head, how the hell is it old news?  I haven’t shared even and inkling of the thought with y’all, so am I just being lazy?  I certainly don’t believe I am, but all reasoning seems to direct me right back to that answer.

How the heck do I remedy this?


Let’s see…, maybe…

Dammit, I can’t think of anything right off that will help keep me focused on getting to regular blogs.  I do really enjoy blogging.  I find I am far more successful in sticking to my lifestyle changes when I blog about them.  And maybe that’s what will help me stick to my blogging.  I just reread the beginning of this paragraph and saw what I believe is my issue.  I am having issues with focus, and I haven’t been as diligent with my diet, and I am no longer taking my ADD medication because when I was diligent with my diet I was able to get off all medication.  And I was able to focus.  I was also able to lose weight (the topic of my next blog I think).

So here we go again, I need to embrace the fact that I am not 100% better and able to control my eating and other healthy life practices without diligent recording of said data.  I am already entering all the information into the BodyMedia website (part of the next blog topic) so why am I not sharing the info that it gathers for me right here?

OK, I just looked at the reports it generates, and they are pretty awesome to look at, but probably a little too much info for the blog.  But I am thinking I can still share a summary of my day with you.  I have only been wearing the BodyMedia Fit armband since August 8th.  So the following is a summary of the last 12 days:

AVERAGE Calories Burned: 2,810 (My daily goal is to burn 3,050 cal a day)

AVERAGE Calories Consumed: 2,107 (My daily goal is to consume at least 1,850 cal a day)

AVERAGE Calorie Balance: 703 Calorie Deficit (I want to have at least a 1,200 cal deficit a day to lose about 2lbs a week, for now, not forever)

AVERAGE Min of Moderate Physical Activity: 52 min (my goal is 45 min, so YAY!)

AVERAGE Number of Steps: 6,714 (My daily goal is 10,000 steps per day.  Way under my goal here)

AVERAGE Sleep Duration: 7 hours (Goal is obviously 8 hours, but 7 hours isn’t too bad.  I will tell you more later, but this system monitors my sleep through the night and I can see moments of restlessness as well as when I get some good solid sleep in)

The report has all these bar graphs that break down the details as well, and even shows me where my calories are coming from.  Look at my fancy pie chart on where my calories are coming from.

My Nutritional Pie Chart…mmmm pie.

Alright folks, that’s if for now, but I needed to hit my reset button on logging my foods and progress.  Looking forward to seeing how this minor change can make a major difference for me.


3 thoughts on “Days Go By…

  1. Ah, that looks like my chart. Love them fats, not so much the proteins! You can do this, I agree that not making yourself accountable through talking (writing) about it helps to allow you to slide downhill. Remember that you are inspiring others, including me, with your journey- so we are all rooting you on! Keep writing 🙂

    1. My armband and the BodyBugg were created by the same people. I am determined to reach 10,000 steps a day! I get there like twice a week, but on the days I work I spend 9 hours in a chair which makes those days difficult and brings my average way down. How do you like your Body Bugg?

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