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Would You Like a Side of Mold or Mildew With That?

There are several areas in my life I need to make improvements, and one of those is in the cleaning aspects of my life.  Not cleaning as in bathing, I bathe on a regular basis, cleaning as in keeping the house neat and tidy.  I decided there was only one place to start, my fridge.  The refrigerator is the heart of the house.  Most of your families nutrition and health come from the fridge.  When I looked at mine I realized there was no way I was providing any sort of healthy anything from that disgusting beast.  I am not even talking about the processed foods that can be found in there, I am talking about the hazardous materials that were forming on the shelves and door jams.  The photos will speak for themselves.

Meet the beast. You wouldn’t know from a glance that disease was just a foot away.

I knew prior to opening these doors that there was some mold and mildew one the frame and doors.  I have been looking at it, and then looking away for several months (maybe a year).  When I decided to take pictures to share with everyone on this blog I started to feel a little shame and guilt.  But, this is part of who I am, and I need to recognize the changes that I am making to reduce the chance for guilt and shame, right?

Packed full (except where I had already removed stuff from the freezer) and dirty as all hell! Let the cleaning begin.

Not too horrible, but when you get a little closer you can see just how bad I had let it get.

WTF? I was just ignoring this?
I guess I wasn’t looking down very often.
My skin crawls just looking at this crap. Hey family! Come have a bowl of ebola!

I took every thing out of my freezer and fridge, cleaned the shelves and drawers, and tossed out the crappy and expired food.  Then I had to face what was hiding under the food I had just shoved in my fridge.  I don’t know what I had spilled in my freezer to create the colors I found in there, but there was plenty of it to clean out.

I have no explanation. No words at all for what this is.

The entire project took about an hour.  I needed to use some serious elbow grease and several chemicals to get this crap out of my fridge.  The shelves were shiny once again, and I could see what was on all my shelves.  The mold, mildew, and rust was bleached away as much as I could bleach.  The end result put a huge smile on my face and a sense of relief in my heart.  I was no longer serving food from the Refrigerator of Disease.


That’s far prettier!
Looks better than what was growing there before!
Now, to keep it this way and clean it once a month!







6 thoughts on “Would You Like a Side of Mold or Mildew With That?

  1. Ewwwwwww gross! Who would eat out of that????? oh wait I did……….
    To answer your question about the colors. The blue is definitely an otter POP or popsicle that leaked. The green looks like a guacamole (sp?) container that burst.

  2. One more thing you forgot to toss- the country crock! I hate cleaning my fridge almost as much as I hate cleaning toilets or touching trash cans.

  3. Cool blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your design. Kudos

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