Welcome – A New Place to Play

Hello and welcome to my newest blog, Gina’s Healthy Embrace.  I created this blog after another project sent me on a life changing experience.  I was living my life in a cloud of sadness, depression, anger, and regret.  I was on the verge of leaving my job because I couldn’t get out of bed to go (and to get out before they decided I wasn’t worth keeping around), and I was in bed all day leaving my kids to fend for themselves.  This meant hours of tv and frozen pizzas for dinner.  I was miserable to be around and I even hated being with myself.  I randomly signed up to work with a personal trainer, Dawn, who was an aquaintance of mine and a good friend of my friend.  I knew I needed help to get back on a healthy path, but I never knew she would give me my life back altogether.  I can’t credit her with everything. but without her, I know I would never have gone to a naturopathic doctor.

I had been visiting traditional doctors my entire life, especially the last several years.  I was suffering from severe depression, horrible chronic back pain, and then they diagnosed me with perimenopause and high blood pressure.  That was it, I took my trainers advice and called the naturopath.  He opened my eyes to a new way of looking at caring for myself.  My body was telling me what it needed all along, and I just wasn’t listening.  I was inflamed, in so many parts of my body and prescription drugs were increasing the inflammation and also just putting a band-aid on my problems.  What it took wasn’t easy to accept, but I listened because my body responded positively almost instantly.

Diet and exercise.  And not just lower your calorie intake and up your activity type of diet and exercise.  It was to eat foods that were natural, low in sugar, and non-inflammatory.  It was to follow a weight bearing exercise regimen to help keep my bones and body strong.  I wasn’t able to do it all right away, but by starting slowly I was able to see how effective the changes were going to be.  I was sold and within a few weeks my skin started to clear of psoriasis, and I wasn’t having any itchy pimply spots on my face.  My mood began to change and my energy increased, and over the course of a few months I was able to eliminate my anti-depressants and A.D.D. medication.  I was becoming the woman I knew was hiding within me.

Along the way I met several new friends who helped guide me to a healthier me.  Heather Morgan of Muffin Top Make Over gave me tools to start losing the weight I had put on over the last fifteen or so years, and helped keep me motivated.  I met her husband EA, who runs EA’s CrossFit in Sonoma, who encouraged and trained me through sweat and tears, and showed me I was a strong, kickass woman!  Finally, I was reminded of how my family and friends support me in all that I do, and encourage me to go further.  Now I hope to continue to meet new people via this blog and to encourage others to become their own kickass self.  SO LET’S DO THIS!


4 thoughts on “Welcome – A New Place to Play

  1. Awesome Gina…naturopathic doctors are the way to go…I have been attending restorative yoga with my naturopathic doctor for about 5 months now, and can tell a major difference in body movement and lack of pain in my body, since, I had begun with the yoga…In addition to the yoga, I get a massage every other week…My body responds to both the yoga and massage more then it ever has to any medication or surgery, ect….I am so happy that you have found a healthy path that works for you…

    Blessings to you and all that pertains to you!!!
    Aunt Lena
    Ps…I went to visit Coral Lynn for 2 weeks and came back 11lbs. less…Pray that I can stay focused on good health! I love you!

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