Day 93 – Knife and Fork

Don’t dig your grave with your knife and fork. – English Proverb

Today started off with a very nice walk with an old friend who has recently been inspired to start following a paleo lifestyle.  I was happy to hear how well she is doing in such a short period of time.  I want to be there for her and support her in every way.  There are so many challenges in making these changes, and what makes it harder is how so many people hear what clean eating eliminates from your daily diet and tell you that what we are doing is wrong.  Like Critter said this morning “If eating this way makes me feel this good, I don’t want to eat the crap I was eating.”  AMEN SISTER!

Here’s a couple of my daily food logs that I keep for Heather.  You tell me what you see that is bad for me.  I eliminated processed foods altogether (if you can call that food) as well as sugars, wheat flours, white rice, and dairy.  Those were probably the hardest foods to eliminate because they are EVERYWHERE!  But what I do eat is clean, healthy, and DELICIOUS foods that fuel my body and make me feel amazing every day.

TWO DAILY DIARIES: (Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me!)

Morning meal – 8:15 am-Shake
Snack – small shake again after work out
Noon Meal – 3:30pm – roast chicken w/ mixed roasted veggies
Snack – Nothing
Evening Meal – 8:45pm Shake
Snack – Celery w/ almond Butter
Water – 100 oz Filtered
Fats/Oils – Olive Oil
Condiments – Pepper and Sea Salt
Exercise – Yoga 90 min (Crazy Intense Yoga!!)
Relaxation – Making lavender wands and shooting the shit with a friend

Bed Time:  1am
Wake up: 7:45am
Sleep Quality: Sound
Awake at night?: No
Night Sweats: No
Wake up refreshed or tired: Refreshed
Slow starter am?: Yes
If yes, how long: 30 min


Morning meal – eggs and turkey bacon
Snack – 1/2 shake
Noon Meal – 1pm quinoa pasta with homemade pasta sauce (from EverydayPaleo.  I posted the entire recipe, I only used the sauce.)

Sausage “Spaghetti in Creamy Tomato Sauce

1.25 lbs mild Italian pork sausage, diced (we used the precooked sausage from US Wellness Meats – I’ll be there June featured chef so be sure to check their site and mine for my recipes using their amazing products!) YOU can use whatever meat you like – ground beef, sausage, chicken, beef – whatever you have on hand.

3 small leeks, diced

½ red onion, diced

1 red bell pepper, sliced thin

1 – 14oz can of artichoke hearts packed in water, cut into quarters

1 tablespoon coconut oil

5 zucchini squash, sliced thin like noodles (We sliced our zucchini thin with a mandolin slicer and then used a knife to slice the thin noodle strips into “spaghetti” like noodles.  You can also make it easier on yourself and use a julienne slicer.


1 – 14.5 oz can of organic diced tomatoes

2 tablespoons coconut cream concentrate from Tropical Traditions (or sub with coconut milk, or grass fed heavy whipping cream)

1 teaspoon crushed garlic

2 tablespoons fresh rosemary, minced

Black pepper and sea salt to taste

In a large skillet or wok heat the coconut oil.  If you are using raw meat, brown the meat in the coconut oil and add the onion, leeks, and bell peppers.  If you are using pre-cooked sausages like we did, cook the onions, leeks and bell peppers first in the coconut oil until tender and then add the meat and cook for another 3-4 minutes or until the sausage is warmed through.  In a small sauce pan mix together the can of diced tomatoes with the juice with the coconut cream concentrate.  Bring to a simmer and add the remaining sauce ingredients and mix well.  To the meat and veggies add the zucchini and artichokes and pour the sauce over.  Mix well and cook for another 5-6 minutes, just until the zucchini al dente – do not over cook or they will turn to mush! Serves 5.

Snack –  carrot and cucumber w/hummus
Evening Meal -6:15pm Shake
Snack– 2 oz of steak and grilled veggies (left overs the family left out after dinner and I grazed on them)

Water – 100 oz – filtered
Fats/Oils -olive oil
Condiments – Pepper and sea salt
Exercise – walk 60 min
Relaxation – Lavender wand fun!

Bed Time:  10:30pm
Wake up: 8:00am
Sleep Quality: Sound
Awake at night?: No
Night Sweats: No
Wake up refreshed or tired: Refreshed
Slow starter am?: Yes
If yes, how long: 30

I generally do have more than one shake a day (click here to see my daily shake recipe) because I am still trying to detox my body.  There are days I don’t have two shakes.  Sometimes I eat breakfast and sometimes I eat dinner in its place.  But Mmmmmmm, the food I am putting in my body is so tasty and makes me feel amazing.  You may think you need a soda or a cup of coffee to get you moving, but a smoothie with greens mixed in or some protein in the afternoon can really get your energy boosted.  I am living proof!  Besides, sodas and sugar just make you crash!



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