Body Image

Warning: Scary Pictures Beyond This Point

I so wish I had pictures to compare to these.  I honestly am disgusted with these photos, but truth be told, these are a hell of a lot better then what they would have looked like 90 days ago.  Oh well.  I do have my measurements from Day 3 so I will pull those out and measure myself tomorrow when I have someone to help.  See, the teenager took the pictures against her will, so I don’t think I could convince her to wrap a measuring tape around my thighs.

Alright, enough procrastinating.  Me, in all my glory:

I made the funny face to ease all parties from the horrors. I didn’t do anyone any favors.
where the HELL did my boobs go?

This one is my favorite.  You can totally see my pointy elbows.  Maureen will be pleased.

These hips don’t lie. They say “Where did she put the sugar and bread? We need that to grow and grow!”

I have nothing more to say.  The photos say enough.  Hopefully these photos will be inspiring and not frightening.



7 thoughts on “Warning: Scary Pictures Beyond This Point

  1. Gina, when you look at these pictures, I hope you see a strong woman who is changing her life in such a positive way…that’s what I see 😉

  2. Gina- I know you may not like your photos but I will speak for the majority of your family and friends and say that there is no way that we could do what you did or post pictures of out half naked bodies so GOOD FOR YOU! I am so proud of you and you are being a great roll model for your children.

  3. Hi Doll,
    The thing is, I know a dozen women who would love to have your body. Congratulations on all of your successes. If it was easy, more people would be doing it. I truly admire your commitment and determination.

    1. Thank you Terry! I know you are right about some women who would love to have my body. I just spit out what I am thinking, and I hate to look at myself in photos. The beauty of this project is how I dont’ feel the need to hide like I used to, even though it is still uncomfortable for me to look at. XO Lot’s of love you you!

  4. Regina, I can’t help but to continue looking at your blog and videos. You have came a far way and you look great. keep up the great work.

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