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Day 90+ – What Do I Do Now?

I cannot believe 90 days have come and gone.  I have been putting off the last few blog entries because I never could think of what to write without things sounding so final.  Trust me, this is not the end for me.  Especially after the phone call I had with Miss Heather this morning, but more on that later in this post.

First of all, the web series still has more episodes to be posted.  We had to do some reformatting and rethinking of how to handle the series once Cat(hy) was no longer participating.  Now that we have everything mapped out, we have a few more items to film to wrap this up with a pretty little bow.   The upcoming episodes are pretty freakin’ awesome if I don’t say so myself.  Of course, I had a small hand in formatting, so of course I think they are pretty cool.  Keep an eye out, and if you missed the last episode, please catch it here:

So what many people are probably wondering is how much weight I have lost and how I am feeling.  My total weight loss as of yesterday is 26.8 lbs.  That’s a little over 2lbs a week, which is a healthy loss.  I feel AMAZING, minus the craving struggles that pop up now and then, but I never want to go back to the way I was feeling before.  Who wants to be dependent on drugs to get them through the day, tired and moody, depressed despite taking anti depressants, and missing out on life altogether?  Not me.  Why would I trade this new life for that shitty old one?  I have been there and lived that for too many years.  My children, my husband, and I missed out on so many happy memories because of my misery.  I am slowly making my way back to being the fun mommy and wife that I can be for them.

I may not have lost all the weight I had initially hoped I would lose.  Then again, when we started Project Muffin Top it was supposed to be a competition. A few days in, it was clear Cat and I were more supportive of one another’s efforts and Heather and EA offered (encouraged) us to both work with them.  When I was looking at it as a competition, I obviously was thinking of some rather unhealthy ways of losing weight over the weeks.  I would have followed Heather’s plan and worked out with EA, but I also would have done some extreme dieting.  Not once during the past 90 days did I do any extreme dieting.  And I didn’t do extreme training either.  What I did was healthy and practical for a busy working mom who may have some old injuries and a binge eating disorder.  By doing so, I lost weight in a slower manner which is not that exciting in comparison to America’s obsession with shows like Extreme Makeover – Weight Loss Edition, and Biggest Loser.  We can sit on our couches and in a manner of a few weeks of one hour episodes we see peoples lives drastically change.  These shows pretty much shelter these people from day to day life and the process is much longer then the show seems.  Please, don’t get me wrong!  Those shows have inspired many people to get off their couch and exercise or into the kitchen to cook instead of hitting the drive thru!

Gah!  I digress.  That’s not where I wanted to go with my statement.  I just wanted to say, I lost weight, I exercised, and my health has improved ten fold.  However, I still have quite a long journey ahead of me, and I plan to keep on keepin’ on.  Heather and I spoke this morning.  First she congratulated me on making the 90 days.  Then we started talking about how far I have come, and really, that I still have a pretty toxic body and I need to get rid of the toxins prior to following the 80/20 plan which people usually follow once they finish their 90 Days of a Muffintop Makeover.  Heather told me she is still here for me, and has encouraged me to continue for another 30 days of detoxification and super clean eating.  I am so happy she has offered to help me continue another 30 days.  I am not ready to take my training wheels off yet.

Two last things I want to say before I get back to the daily grind.  Tonight I will post a full body picture of me.  I have shared the worst parts of my jelly belly in previous posts, and you have seen some hideous footage of me in the webseries, but I never took a before photo.  So, I shall take one this evening, and I will still hate it, but at least I will have something to compare to from this point forward.

And finally, I am in the process of setting up a new blog.  This blog will continue through to the end of the Project Muffin Top Web series, but I need to separate myself from the project once I move on to the next portion of my journey.  The blog will focus on whole body/mind wellness.  Some days I might share a recipe, some days I might cry over a bad day, but most days it will be sharing ways of embrace yourself, life, and your world in a healthy way.  I can’t wait to share this with you!  (I still of some kinks to work out…but it’s almost ready.)

Until tonight when I post some of the most unflattering photos I think I will ever purposefully post of myself…ta ta!


One thought on “Day 90+ – What Do I Do Now?

  1. I’m so proud of you! Your weight loss is awesome but it’s even better that you feel so good! I can’t wait to see the new episodes and to read the new blog once it’s ready- and if you start to get cold feet about the pics, just go to my blog and click on progress pics- if I can post before pics of myself (at 310 with bad bangs wearing nothing but shorts and a sports bra) you can, too! The beauty of the before pic is although you will hate it and it will inevitably be a really bad pic, eventually you will be glad it’s so bad because then the future comparison will be so freakin’ good. There is nothing that compares to my elation at discovering that I no longer had an ass-mantle, which I never would have known if it weren’t for those progress pics. Can’t wait to see what the next phase of your journey holds!

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