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Day 76 – Run Jimbo Run!

Maybe I didn’t run, except at the beginning, somewhere in the middle, and at the very end, but dammit I finished the half marathon on Sunday!  I finished it before they closed the course, and I wasn’t last.

Here’s the official results:

Place Bib Name Finish Split 1 Official Nettime Pace
1388 6062 Panelli Regina 3:50:04 1:51:50 1:56:38 3:48:26.8 17:26

It’s not my best time, but considering my goal was to just finish, I would say I didn’t do half bad considering I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been.  My Team In Training teammates would probably mock me for being as ill prepared as I was.  I did keep my arms at a 90 degrees angle below my heart!  So there!

The night before, as I was setting out my gear I realized I had left my sports bra at home.  This is a very bad thing.  My girls need support, and a regular bra would have rubbed me in all the wrong ways.  I was thankful that I had accidentally left a flimsy sports bra in my car, and set out to grab that first thing in the morning.  Rule number one, check and recheck and then check again, all the gear you need for an event before leaving the house.

That morning I gathered myself, geared up, and headed out the door with Maureen.  We arrived in a good amount of time, got our bibs, put on our time chips, and settled into the starting line area.

Maureen and me about to hit the starting line

Right before the start of the race Beth, the wonderful young lady who is filming the Project Muffin Top Webseries, showed up and captured me and Maureen full of energy and excitement.  The starting gun sounded and off we went, jogging.  I felt the need to jog because I feared being trampled by the faster ladies.  I am used to staggered starts, and usually I am near the end of the starting groups.  We had somehow managed to get ourselves at the front of the pack, and jogged for a whole minute, maybe, before I had to move off to the side to walk and get out of the way.

As I said in the last post, the first few miles are tough on me.  My shins hurt, and my body is fighting telling me to sit down and stop.  During these miles, I bitch and complain, and poor Maureen has to endure and keep me motivated.  I was so blessed to have additional motivation in the form of funny, lighthearted texts from Rachael L., and a “no don’t quit keep going” text from Beth.  Right when I had reached the pique of frustration the mind vs body fight we reached the Luna Bar booth!  They had music and fun cheerleaders.  Maureen and I briefly stopped to get in a little dance.

Maureen was still dancing to the Neil Diamond cover band in her head.

After mile three I was in my groove.  I was feeling good and we were moving at a steady clip.  Then something started to feel wrong on my left foot around mile six.  It was the beginning of a blister, also known as a hot spot, on the ball of my foot.  I suddenly remembered, I had NOT brought a spare pair of socks or my boo boo kit.  And if I stopped at the first aid booth ahead I wasn’t sure taking off my shoe would be a good idea.  Stopping and starting in the middle of a long distance event can cause great difficulty.  Taking off a shoe can mean swelling feet and if the blister is formed, the blister will fill up.  I opted not to stop since I didn’t have spare socks and wasn’t sure the first aid table had the tools I wanted.  Rule number two, carry a fanny pack (I know it sounds awful, but seriously a life saver for long distance walkers) with your preferred first aid fix me ups.  I like moleskin, Biofreeze, and BodyGlide.  Everyone has their own preference.

I tried my hardest to ignore the pain on the bottom of my foot, but it was there.  I started complaining a little more and Maureen was right there with encouragement, and Rachael was there with the cutest picture of her son Kayden to keep me going.   We saw the 8 Mile marker and I couldn’t believe how freakin’ good I was still feeling, aside from the stupid hotspot.  We paused to document that I was still tear free and looking good!

Look a smile, not tears!

Quick side note:  This is the first picture I have seen of myself that I can see the difference in my body between day 1 and now.  WOW!  Look at my sweet hourglass figure.  Still room for improvement, but I am really changing!

My smile lasted just a few more miles.  Around mile 11, I hit a wall.  Maureen was far too cheery, and I had to tell her to shut up, and that I hated her.  She is a trooper for dealing with that, but in the moment I am miserable and I just need to push through and sometimes that includes being mean to my best friends.  It might even include a rude gesture.




This is where I was giving Maureen a big THUMBS UP!  I really wasn’t.  I was a little moody and ready to reach the finish line.  There wasn’t much anyone could do to get a smile on my face, but once I saw the mile 11, then the mile 12 markers I started getting a little lighter on my feet.

We reached the end, spotted Beth and gave her a quick smile and then picked up our pace and jogged in to the finish line.  I finished.  I was a little hobbled with a blister, a slight sunburn, and sore muscles, but I finished.


6 thoughts on “Day 76 – Run Jimbo Run!

  1. So, I know I haven’t commented until now on your blog. But, after reading your pre-Run Jim Run post and this, I have to say at least a few words.

    First, I am so happy (actually, thrilled & jumping for joy) that you have embarked on this journey. You deserve to be the bubbling, life of the party, smokin’ hot girl that I know and love you to be. I love the Jimbo that is strong, confident, and comfortable in her body. I can’t wait to dress up and go dancing with you, to pick out silly B2B outfits, wake up at an ungodly hour to do run a race just to beat Paul’s time, etc. I can’t tell you enough how much I adore you for the FUN, wonderful, caring, and real person you are.

    Second, it’s true … I signed you up (I think) as a Christmas gift to do the half-marathon with me. In retrospect, I had no idea how difficult it would be for you. I don’t see you AT ALL as anything but tough. I seriously didn’t see things as dire as they actually were for you with your weight. I still see you as you were at 21.

    Finally, what I get out of it, is being with one of my favorite people in the whole world. No giggles. I like walking and talking with you. I do it because we are BFF’s and like hanging out with you. 🙂

    In summation … I love you. I’m proud of you. The swearing and abuse is a small price to pay if you end up happy and healthy in the end.

    Keep up the good work, Jimbo!

    (and, I’m sorry … I’m a positive, cheery person – nothing can be done about such a thing.)

  2. I love that you commented on how foxy you’re looking at mile 8, because I was thinking the same thing. You’re an inspiration!

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