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Day 59 – Dreaming of Style

Walking around in loose fitting pants is wonderfully annoying.  I am so happy that my pants are getting looser that I don’t mind that I have to keep hitching them up every few steps I take.  Time for a belt until it’s time for new clothes.  But that gets me thinking, what will I wear?  I have been dressing for comfort for so many years that I think once I am comfortable in my skin again, I am going to dress for style.  That inspired me to gather a few photos of my dream clothes I can’t wait to get into once I am ready to wear them.

I think I would live in the 50’s style Pin-Up girl clothes.  I have always admired the look, but never felt I pulled it off.  I don’t know why?  I have an hour glass figure no matter what size I am, why can’t I pull it off?  I am so ready to look cute!

First, if I could live in this dress every summer day.  It’s soooo adorable, and reminds me of some of the dresses my grandma made me years ago.


This dress will help me embrace my naughty cougar-ish feelings I have recently had for Justin Bieber while looking polished and put together for an afternoon drive in a convertible.  Tee hee.


If I wear this one, I will need to wear gloves to give it a little something.  I love the blue and white polka dots.  Actually, I LOVE all polka dots, who am I kidding?

“Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know what to do with them.” -Marlene Dietrich

But then I also know I will want to wear jeans around most days, so I might try out some old school mom jeans so I can look like Joan Collins.

Pointy Boobies and Mom Jeans, I still think it’s hot!

Some days I will look casual with beach tousled hair, but still wear heels (I will skip the oddly fitted jacket and shirt though)

Skip the bulk jacket and shirt

And at the end of the day, I just want to be cozy at home in my pj’s.  I couldn’t find a satisfactory look that fits my needs, so just imagine me cozy with a good book and decaf tea.  I am pretty sure that’s where I will end up, just not sure what I will be wearing…but I will be wearing some sort of pj, I swear!


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