Food hurdles

Day 58 – Feelin’ Snacky

Yay!  It’s that time of the month again and I am feeling like eating anything and everything.  My regular snack items are making me rather grumpy, so I was struggling to find something that fills me up just enough, but doesn’t leave me bored.  With access to a nutritionist you would think the first place I would go would be to Heather seeking advice, but for whatever reason my brain was working that way.  Even after a telephone conversation with Heather AND a couple emails I still didn’t think to ask her, but in her last reply to me she said ” Let me know if you want some more snack ideas. :)”  Dude, I must have been oozing with Snack Boredom and didn’t realize.

So as to not miss an opportunity, I quickly responded with a yes, and was given some fabulous new snack ideas.  What I was bored of was nuts and a fruit, or almond butter and a fruit, or hummus and a rice snap.  Here is a lists of things for me to look into:

  • Endives filled with chicken salad, turkey, egg salad tuna salad. All organic ingredients of course.
  • Turkey bacon eaten like jerky
  • Veggies & hummus
  • cashew butter with fruit,
  • coconut milk or almond milk with protein powder
  • The bars or Essential meals from Muffin Top Makeover (just add water and shake)
  • Cup of soup (I need to dig a little further but I think she is referring to the alkaline broth I made early in this process, which, is not a “sipping soup”.  It’s an acquired taste.)
  • parfait of fruit with nuts and seeds , pour coconut milk over it
  • Keep snacks small and limit to only times when you are truly hungry.

I am so going to try the endives filled with some sort of sanctioned salad, and I bought some turkey bacon so I can cook it up to be eaten like jerky.  I bought the Trader Joe’s Peppered Uncured Turkey Bacon.  Most of the stuff in the bacon isn’t so bad, but some it is a little questionable, but it beats the nitrate laden options in most grocery stores.

For now, I will eat an apple and some sunflower seeds (I think those are ok, at least I don’t eat a bunch of them) and drink my water.  I am achy and bloated and EXTREMELY grumpy today, so I will not carry on and on with my misery.  Putting on a smile and getting back to my day.  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Day 58 – Feelin’ Snacky

  1. You know what I LOVE….turkey bacon jalapeno poppers. I use a little low/no fat cream cheese inside and grill em up.

    So good!

    Cook the peppers about a minute in the microwave before if you wanna take some of the spice out of them.

    Thanks for the post… and your snack ideas, I will be using a few 🙂

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