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Project Muffin Top – The Web Series

Hello to you all.  Taking a break here a work to do some web surfing and then I am off for a walk!  But just in case any of the people who are following my blog are not following us on facebook I wanted to share the link to our web series on You Tube.

Go, check us out.  Click HERE to get to our You Tube Chanel with all the current episodes.  Below is the latest one with our support systems.  I love this one, but I want everyone to know there are several other people out there who support us that we just couldn’t get on camera before this needed to be edited.  😦  We will get you  in there somehow!

Enjoy, until I log in later and give you my doctors appointment update!


One thought on “Project Muffin Top – The Web Series

  1. I’ll make it easy for you. Whoever wants to be included in the series can have my spot. Just edit me out. I can be the behind the scenes support and not in front of the camera.

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