Binge Eating

Day 50 – Follow up to Day 49 Questions

I received so much positive feedback from yesterdays post.  THANK YOU!  I did receive a few private messages with questions that I would like to answer publicly.  I shortened some of the questions that were a little wordy, but still the same question.

1.  Is Binge Eating really an Eating Disorder?   Yes it is an eating disorder.  I was diagnosed by my psychiatrist a few years ago with BED (Binge Eating Disorder).  I was taking two medications that had a side effect of being appetite suppresants, but those did NOTHING.  That was when my doctor started looking deeper into my eating behaviors and patterns.  For further information on Eating Disorders visit The National Eating Disorders Association‘s website.

2. Are you sure you’re getting enough calories in a day?  (They suggested I was not eating enough and thus my binge eating episode)  I am working closely with my nutritionist as well as my doctor and I am getting more than enough calories in a day to sustain me and my work outs.  I am actually eating a little more than I should be since I am focused on clean eating vs. calories.  My binge was purely emotional and unrelated to my daily caloric intake.

3. Where did you go for your group counseling sessions?  I received this specific question from three different people.  To me, that means people need help and they don’t know where to find it.  Sadly, as you will see from the National Eating Disorders Association website, research is under-funded and insurance coverage is inadequate.  Also, BED tends not to be recognized as an eating disorder, which is unfortunate and causes people (ME!) to not seek the help that is required.

I was lucky and attened a group through Kaiser.  If you are a memeber of Kaiser, I highly recommend talking to a specialist about your concerns.  Had I not mentioned my weight gain concerns I don’t know if it ever would have been addressed aside from being told I need to lose weight.  There are other groups out there, and if you can’t find anything, you can at least try Overeaters Anonymous.  OA is not for everyone, but if you feel you need help, that is someone you can turn to and it’s FREE!

That was it, but I felt it was necessary to respond just in case there was other people with similar questions.


One thought on “Day 50 – Follow up to Day 49 Questions

  1. I heard an expert say once that obese binge eaters and tiny anorexics have the exact same issue, which just manifests in different ways. Just like you’ll hear that a rape isn’t about sex, eating disorders aren’t about food. It’s all about control or feeling out of control.

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