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Day 44 – There Are Worse Things I Could Do

But to cry in front of you, that’s the worst thing, I could do.    -Betty Rizzo, Grease

Today, I cried.  Broke down to tears before and during my work out.  Why me and why today?  It sucked a lot, but EA was right there for me.  I am truly in great hands for this journey.  So, I bet you want to know what happened? (Pictures throughout this post are from a previous work out, but still showcase some of the kicking ass I am doing)

I spin, do you spin? I am also obsessed with Photobucket.
Thank goodness Midge was with me. She got me through those Air Squats.

Today I wasn’t feeling 100% from the get go to start with.  Achey and tired, and just not myself.  We had a work out with EA scheduled for the evening and I contacted Cat to confirm a pick up time.  She couldn’t go, and I was off to face a workout alone.  Already feeling weak, I just didn’t feel like I had it in me to go it alone.  I got to EA’s, set down my water and phone and was greeted with a smile and concern.  “How are you feeling?”  He doesn’t know I am not feeling like myself, so why is he asking?  I replied with and OK, and then EA asked, “OK, hmmm??? How’s the hip?”  WHAT?  I haven’t told him about my hip.  Cat is the one with hip problems.  He must have us confused.  So I quickly respond with a “nothing is wrong with my hip” and try to go about my business.  Then it hits me, he has read my last blog.  He read the part where I complained about my hip problems.  OMG he’s paying attention!  I tried to open my mouth to explain what’s going on, and instantly the tears came.  I sobbed because I thought I was alone, and I cried because EA was involved enough in my journey to read and remember what’s going on in my world.  He gave me a shoulder to cry on and then we went for a warm-up walk.

I can't wait to see those thighs get smaller! PS, my form is getting better on pushups.
I look so tough! I love the sleds pulls.

After the warm up, we stretched and focused on some hip flexor stretches so I can avoid injuring myself with my whaked out hip.  Then we were off and running with a little cardio, and some dead lifts (65lbs!)  followed by something called Tabata training (click on Tabata to discover what it is).  20 seconds of an exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, eight times.  You get a two minute break and then move to the next exercise.  I did push – ups, sit-ups, air squats, and then faced the kettle bell.  Throughout the first three exercises I could feel my muscles burning and shaking and getting weaker as the time ticked by.  I took my final two minute break, I walked over to pick up the 18 lb kettle bell and then got in position to start the kettle bell swings.

In the first 20 seconds I did 12 kettle bell swings.  My legs were shaking so bad after that set I feared the next 20 seconds.  Then, EA says go for the next 20 seconds.  I picked up the weight, did the first two swings, put the weight down and said “I CAN’T!”.  EA was encouraging and told me I could, but I insisted I couldn’t, and then the waterworks started.  He asked why I couldn’t.  Was something hurting, was it arms, shoulders, legs?  I pouted and admitted it was my legs.  My legs were shaking so much and I just couldn’t fight the need to stop.  EA sent me to stretch and shake out my wobbly legs and said I was doing great.  He told me how good I was doing and that what I was doing was hard, so I can’t be upset.  Again, EA was there with a hug and built me back up.  We laughed that he broke me today.  And even though I felt so weak and was so upset, I know the next time I face a challenge like that, I will see it to completion.

I am never alone on this journey.  I am surrounded by support everywhere I look, I don’t always recognize it right away, but in the end I know it’s there.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Day 44 – There Are Worse Things I Could Do

  1. I love you G and I wish I was there with you when you need support during the work-outs. You have to know how incredible you are for doing all this! I am soooooooo proud of you!!!!!!

  2. Your legs might be shaking and your whole body needs a massage and a bath, but you did it! And that should keep you glowing for a day or so, till you have to do it again. It never gets easy, it will just become a way of life you end up loving (or at least liking).

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