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Day 40 – Rigor, Relaxation and Refocus

Saturday.  That days tends to be a day of play and relaxation.  Today started off full force with back to back work outs.  Not exactly my idea of play and relaxation.  Lucky me though, I had a gift certificate I cashed in on later.

Morning started by joining Cat for RANDOM HIPPIE NAMED STRETCH CLASS at UNNAMED STUDIO, which is taught by her motivator, Sue.  I should have prepared myself a little more for this class.  I was thinking an easy going, flowy, hippie stretch class that would align my chakras (Sue did mention chakras several times in the class) but that was not the case.  RANDOM HIPPIE NAMED STRETCH is a fusion of yoga, Pilates, strength training, balance, and then stretch.  Don’t get me wrong, there was some hippie stuff thrown in there, like the Oracle card, the head massage at the very end with some forehead anointment, and an essential oil spritz.  I enjoyed the class, and was thankful for the lady next to me who shared modifications for the movements and poses when I was looking a little like I was about to give up.  The stranger was even kind enough to hug me after and encouraged me to come back next week too. I know I will be back again.  It’s like a challenge to me now. UPDATE:  I KNOW I WILL NOT BE BACK TO THE STUDIO.  Bummer because the people in the class were AMAZING! 

Shortly after this class I headed over to see Dawn, my personal trainer.  The reason for the back to back workouts was because our filmmaker Beth was in town to film.  I told Dawn I had just had a crazy not – stretching stretch class and had worked out the day before with EA, yet she still pushed me as hard as she wanted to.  I take that back, she didn’t give me the weights she would have typically given me because my muscles were a little tired already.  After that hour though, I was pooped.  Exhausted, sore, and a little bit grumpy.

When I got home I piddled around a bit, and then thought about using a gift card my husband had given me for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary last year.  The gift card was good for a deep tissue massage at the Sonoma Mission Inn Spa.  For an entire year I have avoided using this gift card because I was afraid to go there.  I was afraid of being judged.  Why?  I have no answer for that, but it was something that has taken me until today to face.  When I called, I found out they had an opening that evening AND I had full use of their spa facilities!  Pools, bathhouse, fitness center, etc.  BONUS!  I got my swimsuit out and headed straight over to the spa.  HELLO HEAVEN!!!  What was I afraid of the last year?  Every single person there was welcoming and nice and treated me like I was a guest who was staying at the Mission Inn.  I skipped the mineral pools and headed straight to the bath house and followed Bathing Ritual prior to my massage.

First, you take a warm shower with a grapeseed exfoliation scrub, which is followed by a mineral soaking pool which was about 96 degrees.  I sat in that pool for 10 minutes, trying hard not to look at all the people around me, but I was in People Watching paradise.  So, for most of my 10 minutes in that pool I had my eyes closed and just let my body float slightly.  It was very nice.  Right after that pool you go into another mineral soaking pool for 10 more minutes.  This one was 102 degrees (if I recall) and had jets.  Ah, the jets.  I let the jets hit my lower left back and sat there for my 10 minutes enjoying the sound of the bubbles and the quiet.

Right after the last soaking pool I took a cool water shower, drank some ice cold water (which had a hint of cucumber) and then stepped into the herbal steam sauna.  That was the most zen I have felt in a long time.  The steam was so thick you couldn’t see an inch in front of you, and the entire room smelled of eucalyptus.  It was an amazing 5 minutes.  If there wasn’t a time limit I would have stayed as long as my body would have allowed me.  But from there it was to the dry sauna for 5 minutes, which was a big let down after the steam room.  When my five minutes were up, I went straight to the cool down shower and was off to the lounge for some herbal tea and an apple and almonds for 10 min before my masseuse met me for the massage.  Ten minutes later and my name is called.  HOLY CRAP I KNOW THAT GUY!  Shit.  I know my masseuse and lucky me he remembers me.  Any other day I would have been a little more uncomfortable, but today, I was accepting of this little road bump and greeted him with a smile and chit chatted with him about my daughter (he happens to be friends with Brian, my oldest daughters father).

I made the right decision.  My massage was amazing!  Simeon worked on my right wrist, which has been causing me trouble, and my hamstring and IT Band until I felt cured.  Obviously he did the whole massage, which was amazing (and for the second time today, I found myself spritzed with some sort of essential oil) and if I could afford regular massages at the Mission Inn, I would be back.  I walked out of the spa feeling a million times better.  I felt relaxed, I could walk without pain (something I have lived with since giving birth) and I was ready to just chill out.  It was like I was meant to keep that gift card until today.  Today is when I needed it.  It helped ground me again.  It reset my focus, which has recently been looking at the negatives that I have been encountering.  I am here for life.  I need to remain positive, because the negatives are not what I am about.  So there!

UPDATED 5/1/12 – LAME!  The RANDOM HIPPIE NAMED STRETCH CLASS will not be featured in our episodes.  It’s a bummer because the people are great and the teacher is phenomenal!  I was going to sign up for monthly membership to have unlimited access to the classes that are taught there, but I won’t be going back there during these last few weeks and possibly not ever.  We live in such a small town, it seems like they would want to support our endeavors.  HELLO!!!  Free publicity?  I guess they think they don’t need people to speak highly of there studio.  Whatever.  Note, we never go anywhere without asking permission to bring the cameras but apparently we asked the wrong person for permission here.  I am truly disappointed.  LAME ON YOU OWNER OF THE UNNAMED STUDIO that I once had fabulous things to say about.  Pffftttthhp.


One thought on “Day 40 – Rigor, Relaxation and Refocus

  1. Rich has been trying to get me a professional massage for years but I refuse, although you make it sound tempting. Have you seen the movie “The Other Guys”? My favorite part of that movie is Will Ferrel’s character’s love of the cucumber water.

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