Work outs

Day 38 – Just Because I Can

Sometimes when things are not going as well as we think they should be, we just have to get out of ourselves (is that the phrase?  oh well, I am using it) and and focus on something else.  And because I love a top ten I am sharing my top ten work out songs! There are two different lists here.  One is for my walk/run work outs and one is for my ass kicking beat up punching bags and core workouts.

Heavy Work Out Top Ten (starting with my absolute favorite!):

1.  Swamp Song -Tool
2.  Skulls – Misfits
3.  Lunchbox – Marilyn Manson
4.  Down with the Sickness – Disturbed
5.  Bring the Noise – Antrhax
6.  Jesus Built My Hotrod – Ministry w/Gibby Haynes ❤
7.  This Time – Heroin
8.  Headstrong – Trapt
9.  Mother – Danzig
10.  Black Sunshine – White Zombie

Walk/Run Work Out Top Ten
(I use these songs to help keep my pace when walking or running):

1.  Dirty Little Secret – Kelly Clarkson (Shhhh, I love her!!!!! and this song is rad!)
2.  Listen to Your Heart – DHT (it’s an awesome remix of the song)
3.  I Sit on Acid – Lords of Acid
4.  Paint it Black – SCORPIO (Not a remix but super great beat and the song title repeated over an over in various cool ways)
5.  Closer – NIN
6.  Little Sister – Queens of the Stoneage
7.  Satisfaction – Benny Benassi & The Biz
8.  Ace of Spades – Motorhead
9.  Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake (I am allowed to rock to JT)
10.  Stronger – Kanye West (Ya, and I can rock to Kanye too!)

Go now and expand your work out mixes!  I promise you will enjoy.


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