Daily Hurdles

Day 37 – WTF?! Guess I just keep swimming.

I know I am rockin’ this lifestyle.  I am owning my past mistakes and forgiving myself for making them.  Like my friend Jenn said in a comment on a previous post:

No shame, no regrets! Although I will NEVER go back to 310 pounds, I look at my “before” pics and I forgive that body for being what it was, and what it still is. Although I look forward to what it is becoming, I know that body carried me through so much and did the best it could with what I gave it so I thank it and forgive it and bid it goodbye!

With that said, I still am facing daily ups and downs.  If it’s not stress from work or my personal life, it’s dealing with the growing pains getting used to the new diet.  Or it’s the frustration I face with I get on the scale and see that it is UP! It’s not up a little, it’s up a few numbers too many.  I start wondering about the factors that could be causing this bump up in my weight and I can’t figure it out.  I immediately text Cat and Heather for support.

Cat was encouraging and said it could be muscle from all the badassedness I am putting into the workouts.  I would like to think that’s what it is, and maybe part of it is?

Heather said it could be diet related.  After looking over my daily foods with her, we saw there are some things I could do to reduce my caloric intake.  These past 37 days I haven’t really focused on calories, just getting the toxins out of my super toxic system.  It’s time to start cutting out some snacks and really only snacking when I am truly hungry.  I am still snacking out of habit, but I am hoping to replace the snacking with drinking water or tea.  A nice calming cup of chamomile in the evening will help I am sure.

🙂  Chin up.  Things are still looking good.  I feel great overall and I am enjoying my journey every step I take.


5 thoughts on “Day 37 – WTF?! Guess I just keep swimming.

  1. You are inspirational, Gina! I am following your journey and hoping to find the entrance to my own. Keep going! Your body and your family (who get to have you healthy) are thanking you for it, I am sure. You are so worth all the love and forgiveness you are showering on yourself!

    1. Thank you Heather! I know my family will benefit from my healthy lifestyle changes, even if some of those changes affect their ability to keep their favorite treats around the house. I am here to inspire and motivate, so if you need a little extra motivation, send me an email. I am here for you. (Go team!)

  2. Hell Yeah Giners! I absolutely love what Jen said. It is so true and such a healthy way of viewing the whole process. And yes, keep in mind that muscle weighs more then fat. Thank your self every day for this process and what you are doing for YOU! YOU. ARE. WONDERFUL. xo

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