Anti-Inflammitory · Food hurdles

Day 33 – Sun, Love, and Family

Today will be a brief blog.  I am in Bodega Bay to celebrate the wedding of one of my closest friends to her BFF.  We spent the day in the pool while my oldest daughter tried tanning and just ended up sunburning. I brought snacks along for the trip, however found myself wanting something besides what I brought.  I was pretty good avoiding most of the temptations that were right in my face.  I did enjoy a small bite of my daughters cookie and a couple peanut butter pretzels.  Since I have been avoiding so many foods that could cause inflammation it will be a good test (wink) as to the affects they have on me in small doses.

We all went down to dinner as a group and I made sure I ordered foods that were within the “Anti-Inflammatory” diet.  I had bites of goat cheese, some sweet potatoes, chicken and a freakin’ AWESOME Beet Salad.  I am so mad I didn’t bring my camera or phone to document how pretty the salad was.

Tomorrow is the wedding as well as a brunch following the ceremony.  I know I can do this, but I feel like I could possibly fall apart in the morning without my shake.  My shake is my daily breakfast and it has all the good things my body needs to get going.  Without phone reception I can’t text Heather for support, so I am on my own.  Although, I am not 100% alone.  I have my family and my friends here to support me.  I will make it, and I will enjoy the beautiful surroundings as well. 

(This is the same view from our balcony, but I found this at Shelly Rivoli’s Travels with Baby Blog.)


3 thoughts on “Day 33 – Sun, Love, and Family

  1. Wow, that’s beautiful scenery! I know you can be strong and stick to plan. I am not sure what all is restricted on your specific plan but when all is fails I always just order a salad with no croutons or a burger with no bun. Anyway, Please, please give Maureen big congratulations from us!

  2. You got this girl. So proud of you! Fill up with healthy stuff so you arent so tempted by the bad stuff and make sure you get plenty of protein throughout the day. 🙂

  3. It was such a beautiful place. I hope to go back again soon. Regarding food, there were some tough moments but the brunch after the wedding was very paleo friendly. I did have a few bites of a yogurt parfait I shared with Mamie and a bite of a cinnamon roll, but overall, the food was good. Fresh and organic too!

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