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Day 32 – Get on Your Bikes and Ride!

Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round
Fat Bottomed Girls -Queen

I skipped my entry for Day 30, most likely because my thighs were protesting after a work out with EA.  Typically I am pretty red in the face yet exhilarated after a work out, but this week happens to be “that time”, so I am running a little weaker than normal.  Today, Day 32, my body is fighting me every step I take.  I was blessed to have another work out with EA, and another day of riding a spin type of bike.  I missed the days of recumbent bike riding and thinking I was working hard.  Sigh… (and don’t get me wrong, you can get a good workout in on a recumbent bike, but not the way I rode them).

Wednesday, EA took a look at my right forearm where I have strained my pronator muscle.  Because I need to be mindful of what I do with my hand/wrist/arm until it heals a little, EA had me using my legs, A LOT!  Spin bike?  Yes, please.  Air Squats.  Gimme some more.  That’s not really what was coming out of my mouth, but I like to pretend like it was.

Here’s the series of exercises I did:

Doing that five times in a row doesn’t sound like much, but in my reality, it was no joke.  I was feeling my thighs and quads, and butt, and all those muscles long after that work out.  Especially the next day.  And so then today when I went with Cat to work out, there was a whole lot more leg exercises and my legs were screaming no from the get go.  I seriously spent the most time on the bike today then I have in quite some time.   Me and my fat bottom are getting very familiar with the spin bike.  I remember a time when I looked forward to 45 min Spin classes, but that was 60 or so lbs ago, and there was lots of loud music and big fans to keep me cool.  Today was just me fighting in my head to keep going and listening to EA working with Cat (she has an on going foot issue that has turned into a hip issue, and is doing some modified workouts) and trying to figure out how I could slip off the bike without being noticed.

The weakness that burns through my legs is a huge reminder about how far I have to go, but that I am doing it.  I am following through on this quest for wellness for my body.  And if I have to spend a little longer on the spin bike then my legs and my mind agree to, then that’s what I will do.  I may curse you when I am struggling to keep going in there EA, but I am thankful I kept going and feel exhilarated when I walk out of a workout sweaty and beet red!

REMEMBER:  Air Squats, the TIMELESS exercise!


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