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Day 28 – How I landed here

I haven’t shared my personal story of how I got here yet, and since today was pretty boring in terms of hurdles or struggles I might as well share now.  Where do I start?  There’s so many places to start!  Garh.  I guess I will start with what made me want to start this right now.

My health has been pretty good most of my life.  I have had a few bumps along the road but for the most part I felt pretty good.  I quit drinking and smoking almost three years ago, so I know that wasn’t my big issue.

I have completed a marathon, half marathons, and multiple shorter distance events.


I was an active person who led and coached others to complete long distance events.

So what the hell got me here? 

Time and life seemed to sneak away from me.  I spent more and more time in bed or stressed out about work or life or whatever popped up that day.  I spent less time focused on putting together something good for us to eat and more time on what was easy.  Soon, I was spending day after day in bed unable to move, unable to do anything.  I was taking Prozac and Adderall to help with my depression and focus and yet, nothing was helping.  Both of those drugs are known for being appetite suppressants, but not this binge eater.  I could eat even if I felt like I was so full I could pop, but only easy to grab pre-made foods please.

My weight continued to increase and my depression got worse.  Next thing I start noticing is how incredibly hot and sweaty I am most nights.  My mood was always up and down, and I just wanted to hide.  One day something clicked.  I decided to start working out with a friend who is a trainer.  I just took the plunge and it was nice because I could bring my daughter too so she could play with my trainers girls.  But I wasn’t 100% committed when it came to food.  I was starting to feel stronger, but I was still exhausted.  And then I really listened to what my trainer was saying when she was sharing her personal story.  She had been sick and looked for help via naturopathic medicine.  I was going to see my own doctor about my crazy hot flashes, which had been part of what caused them to diagnose me with perimenopause, when I decided to see what he thought of alternative medicine.  I was not willing to take any more medications and I wanted off the anti depressants.  He gave me a list of naturopathic doctors in my area and one was the same as my trainers doctor.  I immediately made an appointment.

Basically, the doctor put me on a modified anti-inflammitory diet.  There were no special tinctures or herbs or medicines that he recommended aside from vitamins and regular supplements our bodies need.  The answer was simple yet difficult as well.  So much of my issues were caused by inflammation.  Even my psoriasis, which I have had most of my life, and had recently began to spread.  Just the diet change and vitamins and my psoriasis began to fade.  My aches and pains are not as painful as they used to be, and even my hot flashes have reduced like 50%.

All those positive things were great and Cat and I had already planned on a weight loss challenge so I was just going to incorporate some exercise into the plan along with the diet my doctor had me on, until Heather and EA invited me to work with them as well.  The diet Heather recommends, the Paleo Diet, is so similar to what my naturopath had me on that it was a perfect fit.

Wow, it’s so darn late, I wish I had the time to fill in more here, but there will be more time in the future.  That’s the brief explanation.  More to come.

XO and until tomorrow – Gina


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