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Day 27 – It’s an HFCS kind of day!

HFCS , aka High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I found myself seeing it everywhere I looked today.  I have known for years that HFCS is the devil, as much as the shitty commercials would like you to believe it’s not, but I didn’t put a lot of effort into avoiding it when I got lazy buying foods for the house, until now.

Check out one of the many commercials which try to persuade you to think HFCS is OK (I tried to embed the original commercial, but that’s been disabled, you just have to follow this link):

Notice how she only says Corn Sugar when comparing?  She never once says that High Fructose Corn SYRUP is the same as any other sugar.

Here is Saturday Night Lives spoof on the original commercial:  (I pray this video works, you might need flash to see it otherwise click on “commercial” to take you there)

I promise to take the time to give you more detailed information on HFCS.  The most important thing to know is that it is in almost EVERY processed food out there.  Why?  Because it enhances flavors and can cause further addiction to a food.  Remember, check your labels.

Why did I start this with an introduction to the lies the Corn Refiners Association is providing America?  Because I was at two birthday parties today.  One was at a skating rink, which is way fun and super good for exercise.  Until you look at their snack bar.  If it wasn’t laden with sugar and nitrates then it was just water.  Sad part is, looking at the plate of nachos made from squirty gross cheese made me groan a little.  I know how bad it is for me, but sometimes, that stuff can fill the emptiness.

Those nachos there are almost as gross as the ones from the roller rink.  These only have half the fake cheese as the ones I saw on Sunday.  Bleh.

The other party was in a candy store.  It was soooo much fun for the kids to run around in doing a scavenger hunt while the movie Willy Wonka played in a corner and the song Sugar Shack played on the speakers.  But now is not a good time to have me in a space with soooo much sugar.  I took a million pictures but these two speak volumes on their own.



While helping the kids on their scavenger hunt I stumbled upon these tucked in a corner and high on a shelf.

I looked closely at the package for the ginger candies and found these stellar ingredients:  Organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, and natural ginger oil.  Well, when I am out of my detox you can bet these will be on my list of OK treats for my 20% times.  Things are OK in moderation, as long as they aren’t chemically altered things made to taste like something totally unnatural!


3 thoughts on “Day 27 – It’s an HFCS kind of day!

  1. I am sad I was not at the candy store with you 😦
    And HFCS may be the devil but it’s such a yummy devil that it pains me that you are taking it away from the household.

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