Daily Hurdles

Day 26 – Frailty, thy name is Gina

Shakespeare sure knows how string words together in perfect harmony.  Thanks Bill, that line poetically described me today.

There are still a few hours before I hit the sack, but today was difficult.  I didn’t want to do a garsh darn thing.  Sure I got in my work out, and then another one, but it wasn’t without whining and crying and pissing and moaning the “entire time.  Over and over the words “I CAN’T” filled my head.  From the time I woke I had an excuse for everything I had to do today.

“I can’t work out, I am PMS-y and weak.”

“I can’t do the TRX Bicep curl thing, it hurts and I am weak.”

“I can’t hop up off the Bosu and do the next crazy exercise DAWN!!”

“I can’t fold the laundry, I don’t want to dammit.”

“I can’t listen to the whiney child because it’s MY TURN dammit.”

And on and on and on.  But guess what?  I did it.  I did everything, even though I didn’t want to and I thought I couldn’t, I did what I needed to do and should do.  I am kicking “I can’ts” ass ninja style.  Perhaps I should re-title this blog to “KICKASS, thy name is Gina”. 🙂

I got my workouts in, I did a little around the house and I took miss Zoe to get a haircut.  The poor child looked like we found her in the wild after being raised by monkeys for 4 years.  There may have been a little hair brushing neglect on my part, but now that I have the damn energy to do stuff I am cleaning things up, like my daughters matted hair.  I also went out to lunch with Cat today to get her away from all of the temptations of the film festival food.  I enjoyed a juice as I had already eaten my salad lunch earlier.

But look how very pretty my Fruit and Veggie Juice is!  Actually it tastes as pretty as it looks too.  It took some time to appreciate all the delightful flavors, but now I really love it.  I was going to list the fruits and veggies in the drink, but they didn’t have it listed on their website.  Here is the link to Sonoma Market, the local store where they make the delicious juice.  You can see from the website why Cat and I go there so very often.

(Note: If you go to get your own juice from there, this one is at the very bottom of the list and is titled Fruit and Veggie Selection.  You may think this is just the fruits and veggies to choose from, however, it’s a drink and a selection)


2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Frailty, thy name is Gina

  1. Thank you so much for being my biggest supporter and taking me away from temptation! And you’re not letting that juice title thing go anytime soon are you?

  2. Of course I am your biggest supporter! I want to succeed together. And no, I will never ever ever let that go. Not until they change it.

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