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Day 25 – Good lord, who let all the food out?

Hello from Day 25.  Today was a day of seminars with fellow employees and also food.  Here’s a pictorial tour of the day:


9:30 am – After being squished in the back seat of a mini van with the two youngest members of our team (and the tiniest by far) we arrived at the seminar.  I enjoyed my water and nuts while Annette and the lady next to me had some oj (which Annette later regretted) and a pastry.  I just stared at the pastries.


11:30 am – The seminar provided some very hearty snacks for the latter part of the course.  As you can tell, there was not much for me to choose from.  So I drank my water and stared at the pastries, cookies, and soda.


11:30 am con’t – Those sodas sat and stared back at me for the rest of the seminar.  I drank my water and stared back.

1:00 pm – Seminar let out and the group went on a venture for lunch.  THANK GOD my boss is so supportive of me on this journey (she even made me cry a little after lunch with a very very sweet offer for when I get close to my personal weight goal, thank you Yolanda) as she took the group of us to Cafe Bistro in Nordstrom.  I enjoyed some of the healthier choices while I was surrounded by several not so healthy choices.


1:20 pm – Sandy and Hai and Ericka were kind enough to sit with me at lunch.   And then their lunch came, and I no longer enjoyed their company as much, or maybe I just didn’t enjoy their food.

That’s Hai about to enjoy her yummy sandwich.


1:20 pm con’t – Sandy and her sandwich and fries with the creamy cheesy Caesar Salad the three of them shared.  One bonus, they all enjoyed water as their beverage.  But can you see how I was surrounded?


1:20 pm con’t – So here is what I ordered.  Not 100% on plan, but a pretty smart choice if I do say so myself.  I could have done without the Spiced candied almonds or as much of the vanilla bean vinaigrette as the salad had, but it was sooooo tasty.  I never would have ordered it if it weren’t for this lifestyle change!

FRESH BERRY & FIG SALAD WITH GOAT CHEESE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12.95
organic baby greens and arugula, fresh seasonal berries, dried mission figs, spiced candied almonds, goat cheese and vanilla bean vinaigrette

Note the colors, oh so very very pretty.

1:20 pm con’t – And the last part of my lunch was the asparagus.  I encouraged the girls at my table to have some too, cuz look at their plates.  Look how beige it all is!  Color ladies!  Put some color on your plates!


Note: Fleur de sel is a fancy schmancy salt.  I had to ask.

That ended my daytime food temptations, but then I had a wise idea to ask my husband on a date.  We hardly ever go out together, and I am feeling so much better these days I wanted to ride the high!  We decided on dinner an a movie.  That’s a recovering food addicts nightmare, at least this recovering food addicts nightmare.  I have to say my husband is a trooper and if you ask the right questions at a restaurant you can get something that is not a heart attack on a plate.  We went to Outback Steak House.  I know Heather, our nutritionist, is having heart palpitations reading that, but you CAN order smart when you are there and walk away having consumed less calories then you may have consumed grazing at Fresh Choice.

Not only were there steamed veggies (they steamed them and didn’t add any spices, I controlled the salt and pepper on my own) but they didn’t butter or oil or do anything to the meat.  However, the meat is NOT organic so it technically does not meet Muffin Top Makeover standards,  but I made a good choice and had a fabulous night with my husband.  OH, and without ordering all the appetizers, beverages, and desserts we walked out with about $40 extra dollars unspent.

Here is the one thing they brought us that I didn’t really want at the table, the bread.  Since my husband is such a gentleman he took one for the team and enjoyed the bread.


Less than a minute later, there was no bread.  Thanks for annihilating the enemy for me dear.

There was still the snack bar at the theater to tempt me, but after eating my two sides of veggies and a little meat I didn’t even think about it (oh, but I did have some almonds to quench that need).  The movie was great and unexpected and I highly recommend it.  THE CABIN IN THE WOODS  I have to see it again when it comes out on video so I can catch all the little things I missed!  So good.  Go now.  See it.

That’s my day.  Not all that bad with all the temptations I faced.  I am beyond pleased.

Until we tomorrow friends, Gina


5 thoughts on “Day 25 – Good lord, who let all the food out?

  1. You’re welcome dear. Anytime you need yummy bread inhaled in less than 2 minutes you just let me know. You have been great on your journey so far and I am very proud of you!

  2. I go to Outback and similar places all the time. You can make way better choices there than at the drive through or most other restaurants. Paleo for the win!

  3. GREAT job Reg…. I know how hard it is to not snack when everyone else is… And then the more you try NOT thinking about it, the more you crave it. YAY!!!

  4. This is a fantastic post. We can all relate with the difficulties we face in our daily lives when we are making healthier lifestyle changes. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is an inspiration to all! xo Heather

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