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Day 24 – Stress and Candy

All I can think about it candy, followed by wondering how in the hell I am going to keep my commitment to these changes (as well as everything else in my life).   Plus PMS is raging through my body and my temper/mood is crazy fluctuating.  Heather told me to focus on anti-inflammatory veggies.  That seems logical and smart and everything I am supposed to do but all I want is candy and a bagel with lots and lots of cream cheese.  Grrrrrrrr……

Tomorrow is a seminar in San Francisco.  I need to be prepared with food and snacks and make sure I drink my shake in the morning.  CANNOT cave to catered lunch or breakfast or any free snacky foods.  I can be strong.  When the seminar gets out tomorrow I need to make the trek straight home so I can finish work and then meet up with my trainer EA at 4pm.  I look forward to working with EA.  I hate when I have to miss a workout with him.  I will not let anything get in the way.

EXCEPT I have taxes to do (not just ours, but my grandpas and mom’s too).  I procrastinated too long and now I am freakin’ out wondering how I will get everything done in time.  I will do there’s no problem.  I don’t want to think about mine (another huge stress and something that is private and better fuc@*ing being taken care of before I snap someone’s neck!) and so I need to find some time to pull together an extension and find some money to send along with it.  Bleh.  MF.  Money we don’t have, but alas, we always figure out how to survive.

Those are the current little stressors I need to deal with.  If I shared everything I would just be whining, and while I really want to today, I won’t.  All those things add and up create an issue with cortisol or some crazy hormone thing in the body which somehow makes people fat.  Lame.  So lame.

I am cutting this short.  It’s not supposed to be a bitch fest, but this is how I feel right now.  Tomorrow is a new day and I can’t wait to kick ass at CrossFit.


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