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Day 23 – pons asinorum

This blog is still a work in progress, but I am committed to bringing you a regular update on my progress.

I have not introduced you to my daily life yet, and I promise to bring you more on that in the very near future, however today proved to be a perfect example of the types of obstacles I encounter daily.  We had a manager’s meeting today, which was scheduled from 10am to 1pm, and so I ate my breakfast and brought some snacks that could sustain me until a little after 1pm, when I could grab lunch.  Our meeting lasted until after 3:30pm.  By 1pm I was dragging and my boss, who knows the journey I am on, offered some brown rice (there was something else as well, but it wasn’t within my diet so I had to pass).  I ate that brown rice and an apple someone else had brought along like it was the first meal I had eaten in months.

My belly was happy for the short term, but I still had not a clue how much longer we would be, and I found myself in the company of other hungry ladies who opted to order pizza.  I was strong, and I ignored the pizza as much as I could, but the smell of the tomato sauce and the baked crust was pure evil.

The pizza that taunts

Yeah, that’s the devil there.  First off, the number one no-no is the crust, followed by the tomatoes, and tomato sauce (I will update y’all on my diet as well as I differ slightly from Heather Morgan’s Muffin Top Makeover Plan).  I could have picked off the other veggies, but meh, what’s the point.  Oh, well.

Also, because our meeting ran so late, I missed a call I was supposed to have with Heather this afternoon.  Oh well, I can talk to her another time.  It’s nice to know she is out there to help guide and support me.

So, if we think the pizza was bad, just wait.  I came home to realize my daughter’s bff was celebrating her 7th birthday across the street.  So I ran out, got some fun gifts, and headed back to the party.  I was prepared for the cake which I knew would be there, but guess what else there was?  MORE PIZZA!  Three different ones from what it looked like.  Perhaps it was two, but ugh.  My husband was a trooper (as was my daughter who opted out on cake and pizza all on her own) since he had just enjoyed the cleansing shake with me.  He might have choked it down a bit, but hell, he did it, and that put a smile on my face.

It’s way past my bedtime, so I will say goodnight for now.  Until we meet again…


5 thoughts on “Day 23 – pons asinorum

  1. Thank you Jaimee! I hope we keep you inspired. That video has made me so vulnerable, but it’s a good thing. I am promising myself and the world that I am making healthy changes for my health and my life.

    Jenn, I NEED that recipe as soon as I get past my detox. Cleaning the liver for a little while longer and then I will need a mini pizza (out of cauliflower dough?? so crazy)

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